Life Lockdown

Life In Lockdown!

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Life in Lockdown was definitely tough when you’re stuck in side with your family, missing your friends and nothing to do! Heres a few things I got up to…

Online School!

Due to being in a crucial year, I had to do lots of studying. With being at home, there are many distractions so it was very hard to concentrate. The subject I worked really hard on is ℙ𝕙𝕠𝕥𝕠𝕘𝕣𝕒𝕡𝕙𝕪…

My new Camera!

One of my butterfly photos I took!

Photography is something I really enjoy. I did really well with this during lockdown as I got a new camera for my birthday! 📷

Social Distance Meetups!

Due to stupid Covid-19, we weren’t able to meet with friends and family. This was really tough as I couldn’t see my boyfriend and family but soon enough we were able to see them again.Therefore when lockdown rules were relaxed, I met up with friends at a distance or face timed them. I did lots of walks and sat on doorsteps in the lovely weather! ☀️

Me and my Bestfriend ♡

Personalised face masks!

Our amazing personalised face masks 🙂

Although everyone hates stupid corona, we got these amazing masks made by our lovely friend Jonathan. This was so we could stay safe but also look stylish too!

Hobbies! ♡

  • Practicing makeup- New eyeshadow looks!
  • Creating Tiktoks- Gaining lots more followers. ( if you would like to follow my tiktok it is @demilehuray )
  • Drawing cartoon characters and painting
  • Working out using youtube
  • Photography
  • Dancing and singing

Street parties and NHS clap👏

My amazing mum ( Crazy M ) has been organising things for the NHS Claps on our street. Stuff such as playing music,doing quizzes,bingo etc. This was something our street looked forward to every Thursday and it bought us all together (but at a distance of course!) It was such a laugh and very entertaining.

My Birthday! 🎂

As my birthday was in lockdown, I was very limited in stuff I could do to celebrate 🙁 My neighbours joined around in our street along with my boyfriend at a distance and all came over with presents/cards and sang happy birthday. It was so lovely to see people and have a fun time, despite lockdown. I also went on a walk with my mine and my boyfriends family too which was really fun.

Life in Lockdown was definitely tough but I hope you guys stayed safe and kept positive throughout it. What did you guys get up to?

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