‘My First Time’ Question Tag!

Here is the ‘My first Time’ Question Tag where I answer questions about my experiences! Enjoy 🙂

First Ever app you check when you wake up?

I tend to go on Snapchat first thing in the morning to reply to my friends! I then check all my other social media platforms.

First Broken Bone?

When I was 7 I broke my ribs because I tripped on a park ladder.

First Foreign Country I Visited?

The first ever country I visited was Spain (Tenerife) because my mum used to live there.

First Ever Makeup Item?

My first makeup item was probably the cute little kids eyeshadow sets haha!

My First Ever Tape/CD?

When I was little, I used to have a video tape recorder and I used to watch Flubber and Mary Poppins.

My First Cooking Experience?

The first thing I ever cooked were sausages whilst on holiday.

My First Ever True Love?

Lewis was my first true love, and still going!
We have been together since 28/03/19 💕

My First Ever Mobile?

The mobile I first had was a LG in year 6!

My First Job?

My first ever job was working at a kids after school club. It was a lego club for infants.

My First Musical Instrument?

In year 3 we learnt the guitar!

My First Ever Pet?

My first ever pet was 2 cats called Tom and Jerry because I loved watching the Tv show!

Here is one of my cats🐱

My First Piercing?

My first ever piercing was my ears from Claire’s, when I was 7.

Smiling through the pain 😂

My First Ever Concert?

The first ever concert I went to was Little Mix at the areas bowl when I was about 12 years old.

The First thing I do in the morning?

When I wake up I usually check my notifications on my phone and talk to my friends.

First time I got stitches or other treatment?

I got treatment when I cut my lip open in Primary school because I fell over and cut it on a sharp corner.

Here is the “My first ever” question tag! If you guys have a chance to do this, tag me. I would love to see your responses <3

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