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30 Disney Questions Tag!

As I am a very big Disney fan, I really wanted to try this tag. Hope you enjoy!

Me, Mum and Alfi with Mickey Mouse!

Favourite Disney Animal?

My favourite animal would be Bullseye from Toy Story because he is super cute and is from one of my favourite disney movies too!

Favourite Character?

I have so many characters I absolutely love, however I do love Jessie from Toy Story because I love her outfit and personality.

Me, Alfi and Jessie

Favourite Classic?

Pinocchio is my absolute favourite Disney classic! Ever since I was little, I constantly watched it.

Favourite Heroine?

Merida from Brave is my favourite hero from Disney as she as a very fierce personality and is literally ‘Brave.’

Favourite Hero?

My favourite Disney hero would be Baymax from Big Hero ^ because he is so adorable and protects Hiro.

Baymax from Big Hero 6 is truly that - a hero. He does everything he can to protect Hiro, offering himself as a sacrifice.

Favourite Kiss?

My favourite disney kiss would be The Lady and the Tramp scene of eating meatballs and spaghetti. It is such as sweet scene!

Favourite Love song?

Can you feel the love tonight – Lion King

Favourite Original Character?

My all time favourite original character would be Mickey Mouse!

Favourite Pixar Movie?

All 4 Toy Story films are my favourite Pixar movies!

Me and Buzz Lightyear

Favourite Prince?

My favourite prince would be the beast from Beauty and the Beast. This is because he is unique and not like the other princes.

Favourite Princess?

I would choose Rapunzel as my favourite Princess. This is because I admire her long hair and how brave she is.

Favourite Disney Quote?

“The very things that hold you down are going to lift you up” – Dumbo 1941

Favourite Sequel?

101 Dalmatians 🐾

Favourite Sidekick?

My Favourite sidekick has to be Olaf! He is so cute and makes me laugh so much!

Image result for disney sidekicks

Favourite Song?

Love is an open door” – Frozen

I always LOVE to jam this song out !

Favourite Ride?

Toy Story Parachute Drop is my favourite because its scary but fun as it creates a massive rush through your body as you drop!

Favourite Theme Park?

I have only ever experienced Disney Land Paris but I absolutely love it! I would like to go to others too.

Favourite Show?

I can’t really choose a show as I love them all but I never would miss the parades and fireworks!

Favourite Villiain?

Scar- Lion King

Favourite Villain Song?

Prince Ali- Alladin

Least fave Pixar film?

I love all the Pixar films however I wasn’t a fan of the Cars movies.

Least fave Song?

I would say “It’s a small world” as its a catchy annoying song which gets stuck in your head 24/7!

Disney film that made you cry?

I dont tend to cry at movies so I can’t answer this question!

Disney film that makes you laugh?

Too many to count!

Overrated Disney Movie?

I can’t lie I do love Frozen, however I believe its very overrated with the kids clothing, toys , accessories etc.

Saddest Death?

I nearly cried at the death of Mufasa in Lion King . It really was a sad moment!

Disney Song that gets stuck in your head?

10000% would be ” its a small world” as its so repetitive.

First Disney movie you watched?

Due to my family being massive Disney fans, I have watched them all my life. Therefore I don’t actually remember the first movie!

Saddest Scene?

Lion king- When Mufasa died πŸ™

Underrated Movie?

I’d say either The Aristocats or Lady and the tramp.

So thats it! The 30 Disney Question Tag. If you are a massive Disney fan like me, be sure to have a go and tag me!

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