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Tips on how to start a great day! ☀️ 😄

Getting your morning started off right and having a great day is something really important! If you set a negative mindset when you wake up, it’ll most likely stay that way for the rest of the day. It is so easy to just lay in bed, tap your snooze button and be lazy. This is not good! Heres a few productive and positive ways to start a great day! (not in order)

Have A Good Day — Ashley Ronning

Stay in bed a little longer🛌

Although this may sound peculiar, research shows you should stay in bed a little longer. This is actually one of the most productive ways to start your day as it allows yourself to slowly adjust to waking up and getting prepared to get out of bed.

Getting enough sleep😴

In order to feel ready for another day, you need the right amount of sleep to function. Therefore if you have important plans, make sure to go to bed early! If you don’t get enough sleep, this can impact you massively because you are tired.

Exposed to sunlight☀️

Sunlight is one of the best ways to wake up naturally and makes the transition a lot easier from night to morning. Therefore my tip is to keep your blinds/curtains slightly open to allow the light to come through.

Positive Mindset😀

Waking up with a positive mindset is a key thing to start a great day! Research shows that if you smile when you wake up, your body releases endorphins which put you in a good mood. So wake up and say cheeseee 🧀

Make your bed and tidy up🛏️

Having a tidy room and making your bed is really helpful for your mental health and putting you in a good mood. I always live by ‘A tidy room equals a tidy mind!’

Early start🌅

Early risers have many benefits to a great day! This is because they can complete tasks and get ready without needing to rush. This then allows you to have a calm morning and being able to stay happy and positive!


Exercise is a really good way to start a great day as it can make your brain feel soothed! Doing this in the morning ensures that you always have time for it and will wake you up more, ready for the day.

Food and drink☕

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day so you should always try and eat a proper one. Eating a proper healthy breakfast gives you energy, makes you feel good and helps you concentrate a lot more. The advantages of having breakfast are; you are less likely to be obese, stable blood- sugar levels and you are less hungry across the day. Some people also like to have a hot drink such as Tea or Coffee when they wake up too!

Seeing others👭

Waking up to others such as family and friends wishing them a good morning is a nice thing to do! Spreading positivity and good energy into the world helps not only your day, but their day too!

Getting ready👖

Getting up, washed, dressed and ready is really good to do first thing in the morning! I tend to have a shower as it wakes me up and makes me feel clean and fresh. This allows me to have a great start to my day and feel good. I then pick out clothes and do my makeup to make myself look presentable and ready for the day.


I always find putting music on super loud always puts me in a good mood! Playing feel good music is really good for you.

Setting goals/plans🗒️

Setting plans for your day is really important and keeping yourself busy! If you have planned out your day, it puts everything in motion and makes you feel super good when you achieve those goals.

Mornings are the most important part of the day so you must focus on good things to set the tone for the day ahead of you. This was some of the things I do to start a great day. What do you guys do?

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