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Top 10 feel-good activities!

As someone who suffers from mental health, I try to keep myself as occupied as possible. Therefore here are some feel-good activities I usually do to help me stay positive and busy!

Sit Back, Feel Good Activities - Skylar

1. Going outside🚶🏻

Going outside is something that’ll really help your mental health. When I’m feeling down I just want to sit trapped in my room alone. But this does not help! Going outside in the fresh air will boost your mood whether it’s by yourself, or with others.

2. Selfcare💄

Selfcare is a really relaxing activity! Whenever I am feeling anxious or have low confidence in myself I tend to do things such as face masks, painting my nails, have a bath, do my makeup etc. This is a really amazing feel-good activity because it boosts your self esteem massively and benefits your mental health.

3. Volunteering/Act of kindness🤗

I believe when helping out someone even if it is picking something up, saying good morning or reminding them something is a feel-good activity. This is because when you do something nice for others, it feels rewarding as you have helped them. I love to look after everyone, help out and say kind things. Give it a try, its so rewarding!

4. Listen to music🎶

Listening to the music is a great way to feel good as jamming out your awesome playlist is so fun! Just put the music on loud and dance and sing around your room.

5. Seeing friends and family👫

Being with others is something you should do as you should never feel alone. Spending time with family and friends is a really nice feel-good activity as its close people you love.

6. Exercise 🏋️

Exercising is a amazing feel-good activity as not only does it help you physically, it also helps mentally. This is because exercising reduces anxiety, depression and helps your confidence. Although it may be hard to motivate yourself at the start, after you will feel great!

7.Shopping Spree🛍️

When I am feeling down about my self and have low self-esteem, i decide to go out and get a few new bits in town which will help me increase my confidence a bit more. It doesn’t have to be a lot and you don’t have to have loads of money. Even if you buy one top, it’ll make you feel-good!


Writing your thoughts and feelings down is really good when suffering from mental health. Or if you want to write stories, thats a fun feel-good activity too! Whatever you want, get creative!

9.Trying something new🌟

Trying something new like a hobby is always nerve racking at first, but once you do it, it makes you feel-good ! I get bad anxiety when attending new things or starting something different, but once its finished I have loved it and its put me in a positive mindset!

10. SMILE😊

Research shows that when you smile (even when in a bad mood) your body releases endorphins which can put you in a better mood. Smiling makes you look beautiful too! 💗

So here are my top 10 feel-good activities I love to do when I need to be in a positive mindset. Why don’t you give it a try? What do you guys do to boost your mental health?

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