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What I keep in my school bag!

Its back to school season again! So as everyone is going back, I decided to do a blog post on ” What I keep in my school bag! ” to help others. (Especially with the Covid rules too!)

What type of school bag to take?

I personally take handbags to school as I prefer them however, I think that rucksacks are a lot more practical for school. Whatever bag you have I would suggest ones that are big enough and have a lot of room to fit exercise books in. I would also recommend ones that have pockets to keep your personal belongings such as your phone separate.

What Personal things I store in my school bag?

Due to Covid-19 I will take a face mask, hand gel and tissues. I will also take personal belongings such as a hairbrush, keys, emergency makeup, feminine products and phone. I will usually store my phone in a pocket a separate pocket so it is safe and I then know where it is at all times. Sometimes I will take headphones too!

What I put in my school bag?

  • Pencil Case ( all things listed next paragraph)
  • My school planner and timetable
  • Subject exercise books that I need for that day
  • PE kit when needed
  • A note pad
  • Any folders/binders
  • Homework
  • Revision books (GCSE years)

What I keep in my pencil case?

Due to being in my last year of secondary with all my exams I am bringing a big clear pencil case for all my things!

  • Black or blue pens (make sure to pack spare!)
  • Pencils (pack more than 1)
  • A rubber/Eraser
  • A sharpener
  • Scientific Calculator (Casio)
  • A 30cm ruler
  • Highlighters
  • Protractor
  • Compass
  • Any colouring pens/pencils

These are the things that I would store in my bag as a GCSE student and things I recommend. Its entirely up to you for what you pack for school but I hope this blog post helped you out a little! Remember that you need all these extra things during Covid-19 as you will not be able to share with others or borrow. It is also really handy to have a locker at school for somewhere to store your things if your bag is too heavy or for your coat so I would highly recommend this and it keeps your things extra safe as well.

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  3. What an interesting day!! Glad you don’t have covid

    1. Thanks Helen, me too!

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