My Trip To Los Angeles! 🇺🇸

The positives of 2020- Meeting tiktokers

Here is My Trip To Los Angeles January 2020! I went to LA to visit my Uncle and his partner. This was super fun and I’d love to share my holiday with you guys as I really recommend it!

Hollywood sign in Los Angeles
Me at the Hollywood sign

Plane Journey to Los Angeles ✈️🇺🇸

Plane trip to Los Angeles

I got on the plane at Heathrow airport and flew all the way to America on a 11hr 30 min flight! It was very long but we were able to watch loads of movies on the screens and order food/drink whenever. I didn’t get any sleep but mum did haha! We had a massive turbulence at one point which scared me, but apart from that it was great!

Tiktok stars and Hollywood

Hollywood was amazing thing to experience, especially getting close up to the sign. The stars were really cool and fun to find certain peoples names.

Me jumping infront of the hollywood

I also met some Tiktok famous stars which was on the first day of arriving to Los Angeles. This was really cool but I was so nervous to meet them! Sebastian and Lauren are such sweet people and it was so amazing to see them! He even shared our photo on his Instagram story!

When walking through hollywood my mum was also able to get her own personal star made for her work social media!

I found loads of famous people stars but some were unfortunately cracked or broken which was sad but it was still super nice!

Michael Jackson star

Uncle Dan and Eric! 👪

Shopping in Los Angeles

My uncle and his partner Eric live in Los Angeles so we went to meet them at there apartment. It was so lovely to spend time with them. Although we had our own house to stay, I stayed round his one night and they took us out. They took us to some amazing places all over America. My little brother Alfi really wanted to go to Chuckee-Cheese which was actually really fun!

Eric and Alfi playing the arcades at Chuckee-Cheese


Alfi outside of Walmart!

Shopping in Los Angeles is fab as theres so many different shops compared to the UK! It was super fun and found some cool things to buy. We visited a range of shops such as Walmart, Target, Sephora etc. I wanted to buy so much stuff but it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase!

Us at the top of the Nike store
The Pop Head Store

The Pop head store was super cool! We got to have pictures with so many different models and it there was so many scenery parts in the store for the character.

Sephora was an amazing store to experience as I absolutely LOVE makeup! My Uncle bought me this super cute Fenty eyeshadow palette by Rihanna. I would 100% recommend the palette and the store!

The Beach!

We visited many different beaches such as Malibu, Venice and Santa Monica. This was so much fun and a great photography opportunity. Here are some of my pictures.

Beverly Hills!

Beverly Hills was a great experience as we got to walk round the shops and see the sign. BH is a very nice and posh place! we ate at a burger place there and met some lovely people.

Some random pictures I got in Los Angeles!

Our own swimming pool at our hotel
Me and Mum!
Beach sunset and palm trees
Palm trees at Beverly Hills
palm trees and purple skies

Here are some of the pictures I took in America!

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  2. […] I started off the year by going on holiday to Los Angeles, America! This was a massive positive for me as I was able to go away just before Covid hit and I was able to experience lots of fun things. These were things such as going to Hollywood, meeting famous tiktokers, shopping etc. If you would like to find out more about what went on in LA, check out: My Trip To Los Angeles! […]

  3. Oh my goodness how lucky to have safely got away at the start of 2020! Super jealous, I would absolutely love to go to L.A one day! If you go again be sure to leave space in your suitcase or hand luggage on the way out to bring all your shopping back in 😉

    1. I know right! I’ll keep some space for next time!

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