“My dream ____” tag 💭

Here is the “my dream…” tag where I tell you all of my different dream things for in the future! Hope you enjoy 🙂

My Dream Car 🚗…

Ever since I was little, I have always taken to Fiat 500’s. Im not entirely sure what colour I would like, but I absolutely love Fiat 500’s. They are a lovely first car to have as its small, affordable and they are super cute too!

My Dream Job💰…

Since starting secondary and having a job, I have always had an interest in working with kids! Whether it is a teacher assistant, childminder, support worker etc. However now I have started to have an interest in Blogging, I would love to grow my page and social medias and maybe become an influencer to help and inspire others.

My Dream Home🏠…

I would say that I wouldn’t be massively fussed about home as long as it was cosy, I was with my boyfriend, and I was happy. If I had a choice I would love to have a big modern house when I’m older to have a family. I would love for it to have a big garden and ensuite too!

My Dream Partner💑

Preferably I’d love to be with my boyfriend in the future too! As long as I’m happy and treated well and we get married then its all good 🙂

My Dream boyfriend
My dream boyfriend💗

My Dream Pet🐾…

100% would love a dog. I love lots of different breeds so I don’t have a particular choice on that yet. Id prefer a smaller dog because I think they are really cute and I’m not a massive fan of big dogs.

Here are some of my friends really cute small dogs 🐶

My Dream Family👪

Ideally I would love my family to be my partner and 2 kids. Preferably 1 boy and 1 girl! But no matter how many or what gender as long as we are happy and love each other then I’m totally fine!

My Dream Style👗…

My future style would be pretty clothes that are comfortable. This would be stuff like cute tops, jeans,cycling shorts and oversized tees etc. I would love to shop off of online websites such as pretty little thing.

My Dream Destination🌎…

I don’t really have a dream destination where I would like to live however I would prefer to stay in England to be with my friends and family.

My Dream Hobbies…

I would like to invest more in social media and blogging more as a hobby in the future. This is because I have only just started.

My Dream places to visit✈️…

I would really love to travel around the world with my boyfriend before starting a family. I would love to visit Turkey, Caribbean, Lapland and more because they look really appealing to me!

My Dream Hair Color💇🏽…

I don’t have a dream colour because I have tried many different hair colours and I’d love to experiment with more!

So here is “My Dream____” tag! As I’m still young I couldn’t answer or struggled to think of what to put but I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Feel free to use my tag too and tag me in it!

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  2. […] “My dream ____” tag 💭 […]

  3. […] “My dream ____” tag 💭 […]

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