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Back to school πŸ“š

As it’s Back to school season and I really struggle with this time of the year, I decided to share my journey with you guys when I return for my last year of secondary!

The Night Before going Back to school…

Tonight (6/09/20) I feel calm as I have tried to relax myself the night before. Although I have done this, I am still a little anxious about tomorrow. The things I have done to prepare myself are:

  • Get my uniform out ready for the morning
  • Have a relaxing bath and wash hair
  • Pack my bag so I don’t have to rush in the morning
  • I did a face mask to relax myself and boost my confidence
  • Have an early night to get plenty of sleep for the big day.

All of these things are really important to do especially if you’re like me and struggle with anxiety and attending school. This can be tough, but it’s how you choose to deal with the problem. I do this by relaxing myself the night before and talking to people!

The Morning Of School…

For a good start to the morning, I always try to stick to a routine and wake up fairly early. Waking up early is the best thing to do as it allows you time to wake up properly and you don’t have to rush when getting ready. In my morning routine I have to have breakfast, get dressed, do my hair and makeup, teeth, make lunch etc. Breakfast is a really important meal to have.

This morning I felt really nervous for my first day back. However I had a positive mindset to get myself through the day.

After School…

After school I didn’t feel to great. As I suffer from mental health, I find going back to school really hard. When I came home I felt a little down as I was stressed about the multiple rules for Covid-19 which I am not used to.

When at school we had to go through our timetables ad all the new rules which took a very long time so we were only able to go to one lesson in the afternoon.

When I get home I hang up my uniform and use the same routine as above.

school uniform
Me and my Best friend before school

I hope you enjoyed my Back to School Journey blog post! How did you guys cope on your first day?

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