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July/August 2020 Wrap Up…

What a crazy year it has been already! Due to the Corona Virus, I had to join the two months together as not a lot of interesting things happened in one lol! Here is my wrap up of July/August 2020.

Paultons Park🎢

July/August 2020 Paultons Park
July/August 2020 paultons park
Sky Swingers Ride

July 2020 we went to Paultons Park with family and friends. It was a very spontaneous trip as we only booked it the night before and it was so much fun. I would highly recommend Paultons as it is fulfilled with a variety of rides for all different ages. They also have amazing things to see such as animals and also have Peppa Pig World too! What a wonderful thing to go to with a really nice feel!

Crafting and colouring 🎨


During lockdown especially I did lots of colouring and finding new hobbies. I love arts and crafts so did lots of painting too!

July/August 2020
Resin Art

When staying at my neighbours house, Alex who is an amazing crafter, we made trinket trays out of resin which was super fun. As we weren’t experienced with this particular task, we thought we shall experiment with these pretty creations!

Starting my Blog💻

July/August 2020

One of the most exciting things of my life was starting up my blog. It was definitely nerve racking at first as I was worried what people would think. However now I am very happy with what I am doing but I am still learning of course! I am really enjoying this and it is a new adventure…

Visiting friends in Herne Bay⛱️

At the beach!

In the summer holidays we decided to visit our friend Jonathan and Dean in Herne Bay. We went to the beach and the arcades which was super fun!

face masks

We also got ourselves personalised face masks made by Jonathon!

He also makes these head pieces which was really fun to try on!

July/August 2020

Spending time with Lewis❤️

During these two months, I saw my boyfriend lots! We went to the beach, watched him train for his football etc…

Me and Lewis at the beach

Ambassador/ Influencer📱

During July/August 2020 I started to look into helping other companies and promoting their products. I am currently working with mixibomb.com which is a lash company. I will be posting a blog review about this soon! I am also looking for other companies too…

So here is my mini wrap up of July/August 2020! I hope you enjoyed this little summary or the few events that happened during these two months.

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