Adventure Wonderland 🐰🎑

September 4th 2020 we went to Adventure Wonderland for a lovely day out with family and friends. I would love to share my views and the best bits of our day!

On our way to Adventure Wonderland
On our way to Adventure Wonderland!

Entering the Park…

Entering the park was really good as although we had to follow the social distancing rules, the queues weren’t too long and we got in very quickly! We got wrist bands to enter the park and we had certain time slots to be in the so we are able to distance.

Adventure Wonderland Entrance
Adventure Wonderland Entrance
Adventure Wonderland Wristbands
Our Wristbands

The Rides…

All the rides were very good as they are family targeted so everyone can have a fantastic time! The staff were also amazing at cleaning them after every single use. It may have taken longer, however it was very reassuring that they wanted to keep us safe.

Adventure Wonderland Elephant Ride
The Elephant Ride!
Adventure Wonderland Teacup Rides
Teacups Ride!
Adventure Wonderland Racing Cars
Racing car ride!
Adventure Wonderland Pirate Ship
Me and Alex on the pirate ship πŸ˜‚

My favourite ride has to be the pirate ship because it gave you a really funny feeling in your stomach and I just couldn’t stop laughing!

Shows and entertainment…

Usually there are shows taking place with all the characters at Adventure Wonderland however there wasn’t this time. Luckily we were still able to dance with Mad Hatter!

Some other Photos from the day…

The Queen of Hearts statue
The Maze

My thoughts on Adventure Wonderland…

I really like going to Adventure Wonderland as its a lovely day out. It is a great thing to do as a family! The rides are super fun and the displays are really cool. The staff were very nice and they were very good when it came to cleaning and distancing.

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  1. Oh my goodness. It was such a brilliant day. Those rides were pretty cool.
    Brilliantly written post Demz πŸ’›

    1. It was amazing! Thanks for a good day xx

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