How and why I became a blogger ✍🏻…

Here is how and why I became a blogger and also how I’ve found it! I have only just started and still building it up,but hope you enjoy!❤️

Why did I decide to become a blogger?

I decided to become a blogger because I wanted to help and inspire others through my posts! I was planning on doing this by using my own stories and sharing my tips.I found that this was super fun to do and also helps me with my mental health too! This is because it takes my mind off of things and makes me feel good when I am helping my audience. Also I became a blogger because I was inspired by my friend Alex who is also a blogger and wanted to follow in her footsteps! She helped me achieve this and gave me lots of ideas and things to do when starting out.

How did I become a blogger?

I became a blogger from the help of Alex as she set up my website on . This was free to start off with but as you grow your page, it’ll benefit you more if you start to pay. She also paid for my domain (.com) which was super kind so I could have my own name! I then started to research other bloggers for inspiration and started writing my first posts all about me so my audience could get to know me better. I then started setting up pages on twitter and downloaded apps that will help me with creating posts and for inspiration. To increase my stats and get more followers, I shared my page to friends and family and my other socials to reveal my new hobby!

What are the Pros and Cons of blogging?


  • Being able to help and inspire others
  • Something to help me and my mental health
  • Keeps my mind occupied
  • Super fun thing to do!
  • Meet other bloggers and make friends
  • You can eventually get paid


  • Struggling to find content to post
  • Not having enough time to post
  • Having to juggle blogging and school work

What do I use when Blogging?

  • I use my Mums MacbookPro laptop to publish my posts.
  • I use a notebook to write all my ideas down and plan stuff out.
  • I also use my phone to take notes too!
  • Use pinterest and other apps for inspiration

I absolutely desire blogging as I love to help others and see what they think! I love getting sweet comments from people’s views, which inspires me to create more! If you guys have spare time… BLOG! I never thought I’d be the person to write things and blog but once I started, I LOVED IT!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  2. […] How and why I became a blogger ✍🏻… […]

  3. […] How and why I became a blogger ✍🏻… […]

  4. […] How and why I became a blogger ✍🏻… […]

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