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As a person who suffers badly from anxiety, I decided to blog about my story. This will include triggers, tips, and preventing panic attacks from happening.

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Anxiety is a horrible thing to experience whether it may be a little, or a lot. This picture literally shows you how it feels. The whole world around you feels like it’s spinning and it is so overwhelming that you can not function or concentrate on even the littlest of things! When you have anxiety, a stress response can release a flood of chemicals into your system which can increase your pulse and breathing rate short term. Anxiety is not a nice thing to experience, however its how you learn to deal with it and what works best for you! Here are some tips I have for you for when I have anxiety/panic attacks. Enjoy!

Anxiety triggers and how to prevent them …

There are so many things that can trigger anxiety and panic attacks. Here are some of the things I find set me off and how I deal with them.


  • School is something I really struggle with and sets my anxiety off massively as I do not like the environment. It can be a really tough place to be when suffering from any mental health issues, however I still have to go! If you are struggling, speak up! This will benefit you massively as the school will allocate you to the correct teams to give you support through this. Things they used to sort out for me were things such as leaving early to avoid crowds, having someone to talk to, an exit card etc.


  • When invited to a party I tend to get really anxious as I don’t know who’s there, what it’s going to be like etc . To prevent this I usaully take someone with me as company to support me through the first stage of getting in. Fighting through this is super hard, but once you get through the door it is all about fun and ignoring your anxiety!


  • As I am a massive musical theatre fan, I love to get involved with lots of productions. However I get lots of anxiety before going on stage which is very normal. To prevent this I tend to distract myself and think positive or use breathing techniques to calm myself down.

Big Crowds:

  • Being in a confined space with lots of people such as school corridoors make my anxiety rather bad. Sometimes its hard to change this situation however you can control the way you deal with this.

Family Gatherings:

  • Family gatherings is a bit like parties too. I get nervous to go in at the start but as long as you have someone with you to help that thats all that matters.


  • Having things such as piles of homework to do can trigger my anxiety too. Staying organised and keeping on top of work helps this.

Tips to help your anxiety:


  • I tend to do fun and positive activities when I am struggling with my anxiety. These are things such as playing games, colouring, face timing friends.


  • Talking to someone about your problems can really benefit you as it gets it off of your chest. They can also help by giving you tips too!

Breathing techniques:

If I ever feel I may have a panic attack coming on, I usually concentrate on my breathing. There are many techniques such as square breathing, 478,thoracic breathing etc…

Walks/going out:

Going out to get fresh air is a great thing to calm your anxiety. Whenever I am struggling I tend to go for a walk down my local park or go out with my friends to take my mind off of my worries.

So here is my post about my anxiety triggers and tips on how I help mine. If you do anything different or have any other tips let me know!

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  2. This is an amazing read and very timely too. Thank you so much. Very good tips! That image that portrays anxiety is so deep.

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