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Surviving school with anxiety!

Anxiety is like having a repetitive shake inside of you, which you cannot control. It is like having a constant fear which wont go away. You have panic attacks, problems with socialising and just want to cry. So when you’re having to attend school, it is really hard.

My Anxiety Experiences…

When attending school you feel like you are really on edge. As you walk through the corridors, barging through the thousands of kids, you feel your body tense up and you want to curl into a ball or run away. When its your turn to walk through the class but your anxiety tells you different. It is like your body is constantly telling you that you cant do it… however you can! We can fight through this anxiety! These are my tips to cope with anxiety at school…

Tips to cope in school when struggling with anxiety…

  • Safe place– having a safe place at school when you are suffering from anxiety, really helps. At school I go to a place called Ferns. Ferns is a place in school where you can talk to someone if needed, sit their to calm down etc. Having Ferns has really changed my life because without them, I wouldn’t be able to attend school. Therefore having a place where you can go to when struggling is something really important to have.
  • Communication- communicating with the school staff, is something you need to do! If you don’t talk to them, they won’t be able to help and meet your needs.
  • Techniques- having techniques is something you need to. I tend to use either distractions and attend lessons to keep my mind off of the fear or use breathing techniques.
  • Toys- toys for anxiety such as fidget cubes or stress balls are another good way of coping as this allows you to be distracted from the thing that is triggering you and helping you focusing on playing with it. If this technique helps I would suggest to keep it on you at all times and tell your teachers you have it and if you need it.
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  • Friends- having friends that support you is a must! Although having support by staff, it is nice to have informal and not professions to help too! Friends will help you have fun and distract and then you can walk to classes with each other rather than alone.
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