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How to save money 💵…

Struggling to save money or buying things with a little income? Here are some tips on how you can reduce your expenses and save your dosh too…

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Saving Money tips:

  • Buying needs not wants!-. Having unnecessary things and stuff you don’t need, you should not purchase. You should only buy essential things when needing to reduce your expenses.
  • Gift Vouchers-. Using gift vouchers or things from magazines is a good idea to help you save money off of your shopping. Using point cards are also good too. When have built up a certain amount, you will be able to get money off of your purchases.
  • Online shopping-. Shopping online helps view the total cost as you go along. It helps you with plan/prep food instead of constantly going everyday to the shops. This also helps save petrol!
  • Subscriptions/memberships-. Cancel subscriptions you could do without such as Netflix, Spotify etc.
  • Cheaper stores-. We tend to shop at Lidl where it is a lot more affordable and sometimes have nicer food.
  • Bargains/offers-. looking for the reduced sections and bargain section is a good shout. Although it may have stuff that is going out of date, some things there are rather useful!
  • Lowering contracts/bills-. taking a look at any monthly payments and insurances you have and see if there are anyway of reducing these costs.
  • Takeaways/eating out-. it is a lot cheaper to eat at home and make your own food. Although it is a lot easier to just go to the drive thru, it it much cheaper to do a weekly food shop.
  • Wholesale-. going to a whole sale shop is a good idea because you are able to get something in a bigger size. This means that you will not have to go to the shops to continuously buy the smaller packages.
  • Branded-. going for branded things such as Nutella is more expensive. As well as if you were to get chocolate spread, it’ll be a lot cheaper. Same for other products. If you were to get Tesco, lidl, Sainsbury branded, it’ll be cheaper.

There are so many different ways of saving money but here is my advice on the things I would do to save money.

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