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Mixibomb lashes review!

mixibomb lashes

Looking for some good lash companies to order from? Try this amazing business, Mixibomb, and order the best lashes in the world!

Why are Mixibomb lashes so good?

Mixibomb sells good quality lashes with affordable prices. They have a really nice feel to them, they are super soft and very comfortable. They are easy to apply with any glue and makes you feel very confident in yourself when wearing them. Mixibomb falsies are 100% vegan and cruelty free which is amazing and makes me rather happy! There are a variety of really cute styles and a range of prices. Not only are they affordable prices, you can also get 20% off using my code ‘DEMI20‘. You can use this whenever you like on every purchase you make as it will always be a valid code.

mix bomb lashes in the style 'baby lash'
My Mixibomb lashes in the style of ‘baby lash’ !

The company:

Mixibomb is a really good company! Whenever you dm them on their instagram, (@mixibomb) they get back to you fairly quick and are super sweet! Their business is very reliable and helpful whenever needed. I absolutely love working with them, as their team and promoters are all very friendly.

I would 10000% recommend Mixibomb as they are the best lash company I have ever found and the only ones I have found good! Whenever wearing them, I feel very confident and they really boost my self esteem. If you are looking for good lashes, shop at and use my code ‘DEMI20‘ for 20% every order you make!

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  7. Santos Beaurepaire says:

    This company sounds great and their lashes look amazing on you!

    1. Thanks they are so good !

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