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Ever since I have grown up, my mum has always said to me “Food is your mood!” And I totally agree. I would suggest a healthy diet for your mood to be good and have a confidence boost. Food can affect how we feel massively. For example, if we eat loads of rubbish, we feel rubbish!

Therefore here is a list of foods and what they contain to help us with our mood, mental health, physical health etc…

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What foods make you feel good?

There is a variety of food that makes you feel good but here are a few…

  • Lettuce– Lettuce contains lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Blueberries– These are rich in antioxidants.
  • Garlic– This can strengthen your heart and blood.
  • Carrots– Carrots boost your immune system and are high in carotene.
  • Brazil Nuts– Contains lots of nutrients such as: Vitamin E, Vitamin B and selenium.
  • Beetroot– contains minerals and is anti cancer and anti inflammatory.
  • Grapefruit– Grape fruit can boost your immune system and is heals wounds.

We need lots of these foods as many of them either contain; selenium, Vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, anti oxidants etc. These can help improve your mood!

Foods to beat depression!

Research shows that there are many foods that can lower depression symptoms and help your mental health. Here are some listed below…

  • Walnuts– Walnuts can boost your mood and have fatty acids which support your brain in order to function. It also reduces depression symptoms.
  • Avocado– Avocado is a power food. It contains healthy fat which help your brain move more smoothly.
  • Berries– Any type of berries (blue,black,strawberries,raspberries) are high antioxidants and can lower your depression score. It can also prevent you from many illnesses.
  • Mushrooms– These are really good for your mental health and can lower your blood sugar levels.
  • Tomatoes– Tomatoes is a depression fighter as it has folic acid.

Other antidepressant foods are oysters, mussels, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, organ meats. There are many foods that can help with your mental health.

Foods and drinks to avoid when suffering with mental health…

  • Fruit Juice– The fiber in the fruit juice fills you up and slows your blood energy down. Therefore you should avoid this as it can bring you down. Instead drink water and have a piece of fruit!
  • Toast– Unfortunately toast can be bad for depression. This is because the highly processed flour turns into blood sugars which can cause energy spikes.
  • Fizzy Drinks– These sugary drinks can be a really bad link to depression.
  • Diet Fizzy Drinks– Although they may be sugar free, diet drinks can actually make you feel depressed.
  • Coffee– Coffee can be really bad for your anxiety. If you’re not used to caffeine, it can make you feel very nervous.
  • Energy Drinks– There are high levels of caffeine hidden in these drinks which can cause anxiety and sleep issues.
  • Ketchup– You think ketchup is just tomatoes? No! It is fulfilled with lots and lots of sugar. You must avoid ketchup ( even the lighter ones) if you suffer with anxiety or depression.
  • Frosting– Not only does it have lots of sugar, it contains trans fats which trigger depression.
  • Alcohol– Having too much can cause sleeping problems which then can raise the chances of anxiety.
  • Process meat– If you eat lots of this, you’re more likely to become anxious and depressed.
  • Doughnuts– Although they are super good and I must admit I do eat a few, they contain lots of fats which causes slow absorption.

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