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How to prevent spots / acne

Are you suffering from terrible acne? Do you want to get rid of your spots or prevent yourself from getting them? Have no fear, Demi’s top tips are here!…

These are my tips that have helped me in the past as I have suffered from acne myself!

Limit Your Makeup💄:

If suffering from spots and acne, you should limit your makeup if you wear it! You may use it as it covers them up, however in the long run it makes your spots worse! This is particularly things like oil and liquid based makeup products such as foundation. I used to wear a lot of makeup when I was younger. It made me feel so confident in myself when wearing it, until my acne went downhill. After this, I limited my makeup to only eye makeup and stopped using foundation. Although it doesn’t go away overnight, it eventually did wonders to my skin.

Also if you do use makeup sponges/brushes, make sure to clean them regularly as if you don’t, it will spread bacteria across your face ad clog the pores.

Here is what my skin used to look like when I wore massive amounts of makeup:

my spots before
my spots before
my spots before
my spots before

This is after…..

my clear skin after
clear skin!
my skin after

Water intake :

You must stay hydrated by all means, but when it comes to acne, it is really good for your spots too! Keeping your skin hydrated is good because if you have dry skin, it can make your skin breakout. Make sure you have the recommended intake which is roughly 3 litres per day (depending on the person.)

Sugar Intake🍬:

You must have a healthy diet and keep watch of your sugar intake. Things such as chocolate and sweets can aggravate your skin and make you gain more spots. Therefore cut down on sugar to help your skin!

(I can’t lie, I’m not very good at this tip, as I have got a proper sweet tooth!)

Skin Type:

When trying to treat your acne, you must know your skin type. You must know this in order to buy the right face creams and washes. There are many different types such as normal, dry, oily, combination etc. I tend to have combination as sometimes my skin type can change. Some days it may be dry, others it can be rather oily.

Contact with face✋:

Make sure you do not touch your face (easier said than done!) This is because when having contact with your face, it applies bacteria to your skin which causes your face to breakout. Also DO NOT pick your spots! This is the worst habit of mine an you should not do it! It makes your spots worse, bleed, scar etc.


You must clean your face with warm water twice a day for healthy skin. This is because it gets rid of all the dirt, grease and oils that are sitting on your skin and clogging up your pores.


Moisturising your face is super important because it loosens sebum built in your pores. I tend to only apply a tiny amount of moisturiser as using lots makes my skin look greasy and clog up my spots.

Sun Exposure☀️:

In order to prevent yourself from getting spots, you must limit being out in sun. This is because it causes your skin to dry up and breakout. But if your like me and live in England, it’s not always sunny!

Treatments/ Medication💊:

There are many things out there in the world that say they help acne. I found with my skin that I didn’t get along with normal face washes you can buy in the shop. You need to find what is best for you! As I couldn’t get rid of my acne for years with things I bought, I decided to speak to my doctor. They prescribed me medication which has helped me massively. They wont give this straight away, you must try things before first! She also gave me a cream which really helps too that I have to apply every night.

Remember, using these tips wont just suddenly make your spots go away over night. Getting rid of acne takes time and not everything will work for you. Like I stated above, knowing your skin type is an important thing when treating your acne. Even if you have got rid of your acne, don’t be worried if you get the occasional breakout. If you’re a teenager like me, its normal! Just carry on with the tips, and it will be gone asap!

I hope these tips helped and just remember , just because you have spots, doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful! Everyone is pretty in their own way, and no acne can stop that from happening.

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