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September Wrap Up!

Wow this month has flown past so quickly! It feels like yesterday it was the start of the year. This month has been full of ups and down but here it is, another wrap up of this September!

Home made Pizzas 🍕

For one of our dinners, we decided to make our own pizzas for a bit of fun! I chose pepperoni and chorizo, but Alexa Jade and the rest of the family chose other toppings. It was super tasty and lots of fun to do, rather than buying normal pizzas!

Adventure Wonderland 🎡

On September 4th, we went to Adventure Wonderland! This was really good fun and a lovely family day out. We went on lots of rides and met the Mad Hatter too! He was rather funny and entertaining for the kids. My favourite ride would probably be the teacups as it is very funny but also makes you very dizzy too! I also loved the maze as it was a fun family thing to do however it took a long time to find our way out!

Here are some pictures from the wonderful day!

Make sure to check out my separate blog post about this trip: Adventure Wonderland 🐰🎡

Collabs 👗

This month I have applied to join and collab with many companies and brands. So far I have completed my Mixibomb Review, and I have a couple other collabs and reviews coming up soon! This has been really fun to do and I have made some amazing friends and found amazing products along the way. Make sure to keep an eye out for my soon to come collabs and reviews!


This month we visited my neighbours farm! It was a really nice thing to do and good for my mental health too. We saw loads of cows and got to sit in tractors as well! Some of the cows were so cute and friendly so we were able to stroke them! Next time we visit, we will hopefully be able to drive the tractors!

Here are some pictures:

Me and Alex with the cows 🐄
Me and Alfi in the tractor🚜
Mooooo! 🐮
Emma and Alfi stroking the cows


This September, I did lots of Photography and took some beautiful pictures! Here are just a few…

I love to do Photography , it really makes me feel good when I produce good quality photos. Taking pictures of flowers and nature is really good for my mental health too as it’s a peaceful and calming activity. You also get to admire all the beautiful things you find.

Back to school📚

September 7th, I went back to school after 6 months for my last year! It felt super weird to be back with all the different rules. Want to read more? Check out Back to school 📚 for my journey when returning back to education.

My Last year at school 🙁

Hot Chocolates

Whilst staying at my neighbours, I fell in love with the hot chocolates that Alex made. They looked so cute and so lush. They were super tasty too!

Bella Cuddles🐕

Bella is honestly the cutest dog! I feel like pets just make your mental health so much better! She gives the best cuddles in the world and non stop kisses too.

We also got her a really cute stitch costume

So here it is, my wrap up of September! What did you guys get up to?

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  1. Awh sounds like you had a lovely September! Adventure Wonderland sounds like fun and I always love a trip to a farm!

    1. It was amazing thank you!

  2. […] September was also full of lots of great memories too! We went to Alice in wonderland, got my mixibomb collab, had a prettymoi collab and many more! […]

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