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Clayed for you earrings review!

Are you looking for cute, modern and handmade earrings to go with your outfits? Are you looking for a small jewellery business that can make custom orders? Then check out Clayed for you , where you can find the cutest variety of ear wear. Check out my review on Steph’s amazing earrings! Also stay tuned for a discount code…

My Earrings:

clayed for you earrings

Here are my beautiful earrings I have been gifted from Clayed for you. These ones are in the style of ‘Purple Funky Earrings…’ which you can find on for £15.00. These handmade dangle earrings are made out of polymer clay and sterling silver.

If you like these and want to purchase, use my code ‘DEMI10‘ for 10% off of your order!

And did you know it is free shipping!!!!!!!!


My package came really quickly, well wrapped and posted with care. There was no damage to the box either. As I opened it up, it was filled with tissue paper and sparkles which make it look so pretty. My earrings were then in a cute little box and it also came with a little thank you note inside. When packaging, Steph makes sure she sanitises and wears gloves during the process, in order to keep her clients safe.

clayed for you earrings

Clayed for you service:

Steph is such a sweet girl and always treats her customers with respect. When private messaging her or commenting on her Instagram, she gets back to you rather quickly. In order to make her customers safe, she ensures that she is clean and tidy when in the making of her products.

What other earrings does she have to offer?

Here are some of my other personal faves from Steph’s etsy shop

I am absolutely in love with all of Clayed for you’s earrings, however these are on the top of my Wishlist! I mean how cute are they? These one range between £12-15.

If you are interested in ordering, don’t forget to use my 10% off discount code ‘DEMI10

I hope you enjoyed this review and helped you to purchase Clayed for you products. I believe they will make great Christmas presents, or for other occasions!

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  1. Wow! The earrings are so pretty.Thank you for providing in-depth review.👍

    1. I know, aren’t they gorgeous x

  2. Those are so cute! What a great idea for earrings that’s a bit more interesting to look at than what’s normally available!

    1. I know. I usually go for simple pearls… but when I saw these I was gobsmacked!

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  4. These are absolutely stunning! Makes a change for those available in shops!

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  6. THese are gorgeous – I would so wear them wiht a variety of outfits!

    1. Thanks Lisa x

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