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Halloween Tag 🎃

It is officially spooky season, so I am starting to get into the spirit of Halloween! Here is a tag all about my thoughts on Halloween! Thank you to Luci Barker for inviting me to do this Hallotober Tag 🙂

The Rules:

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  • Answer all 13 questions
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The questions:

1. Halloween or Christmas?

As much as I love getting free sweets and seeing everyone’s costumes, I do prefer Christmas. This is because Christmas is the time that brings families together, you get presents, it’s all jolly, it potentially could snow. I also love the massive build up to christmas too as it it so nice to wrap peoples presents, organise parties etc.

Halloween or christmas?

2. What’s your favourite thing about October?

My favourite thing about October would be the colour changes in scenery such as the leaves. It is so pretty to see the colour scheme of red, orange and yellow.

Ten top tips to get your home ready for Autumn | Llanmoor Homes

3. Are you a big celebrator of Halloween?

I would say I do love Halloween, but I am not necessarily a massive celebrator and go full out.

4. What’s your favourite horror movie?

I am more of a comedy person rather than a horror. However my favourite would probably be Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children. Some may say this isn’t a horror but it definitely have weird, scary and quirky vibes.

halloween/ horror movie

5. Would you rather a cosy night in watching horrors or a big night out in a costume?

I’d prefer to have a cosy night in watching horrors! Although I don’t watch them very often, I would rather cuddle up in a blanket, with a hot chocolate, snacks etc.

Buttery Movie Theater Popcorn Recipe | Wholefully

6. Which has been your favourite costume to date?

My favourite costume I have ever worn would probably be the DIY costume me and my best friend made. We were Zombie school girl twins back in year 7. We upcycled old uniform and drew blood all over us which was super fun to do!

7. Bobbing for apples or pin the hat on the witch?

This is actually rather tricky! I love both games however I’d probably say the witch game as I hate dipping my face in the water lol.

8. How do you celebrate Halloween?

I usually take my little brother to trick or treat round my area. Due to covid-19, I’m not sure what we will be doing to celebrate. Is there anything we even can do?

9. What is your least favourite horror movie?

I would say that IT is my least favourite as I get squeamish really easily with blood and things. (apart from that I don’t mind it though!)

halloween/ horror movie

10. Do you have a favourite trick or treat memory?

My favourite trick or treat memory would probably be when me and my best friends were finally allowed to go trick or treating unsupervised when we turned a bit older! We were so excited haha!

11. What is your favourite thing about Halloween?

My favourite thing about Halloween has got to be seeing all the cute baby costumes and what the kids dress up as! It is so fun to see what they wear ever year and see their happy faces when they have got tonnes of sweets.

halloween costumes
40 Incredibly Cute Baby Halloween Costumes That Will Melt Your Heart
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12. Scary costume or silly costume?

If it was makeup, I would scary. As it is a costume, and I love making people laugh, I would choose a silly one!

13. Are you a fan of autumnal fashion (layering) and makeup?

I’ve got to say I love this time of the year where you can put on cosy colours, warm jumpers etc.


My questions:

  1. Halloween or Christmas?
  2. What’s your favourite thing about October?
  3. Are you big celebrator of Halloween?
  4. What’s your favourite horror movie?
  5. Would you rather a cosy night in watching horror movies, or a big night out in a costume?
  6. Which has been your favourite costume to date?
  7. Bobbing for apples, or pin the hat on the witch?
  8. How do you celebrate Halloween?
  9. What’s your least favourite horror?
  10. Do you have a favourite trick or treating memory?
  11. What’s your favourite thing about Halloween?
  12. Scary costume or silly costume?
  13. If you were to do a trick rather than treat, what would it be?

I hope you enjoyed this Halloween tag ‘Hallotober’ Feel free to check out some other tags!

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(30) Comments

  1. Thank you so much for taking part in my tag! I love your answers, cosy nights in are my favourite, all warm with a movie and treats. And I love Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children, it does have that spooky vibe to it.

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

    1. Yay we have a lot in common! Great tag btw🥰

  2. Great post! Loved reading your answers and I definitely agree with you about how Christmas is better than Halloween! Thank you for nominating me!

    1. You are more than welcome 🥰

  3. I would like to combine Christmas and Halloween into one giant month long celebration of Horror films, lights and food set around a table of awesome food and snow.

    October is so much fun. For me my Favourite horror film is of course The Shining.

    1. That sounds fun!

  4. All holidays are lasting days of memory; there is always something that connects us, however small, to a special day or occasion.

    My favorite part of Halloween is carving Jack O’ Lanterns. We have six to carve this week and I love lighting the candles inside them and watching them glow.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Halloween!

    1. Wow that’s a lot! I’m hopefully going to pick some soon x

  5. Gemmaa Jayne says:

    Great tag! It is always fun to read people’s answers to questions 😊 I actually really enjoy Halloween and horror movies! But I agree it doesn’t quite beat Christmas 🎄 x

    1. Christmas is way better! 🎄

  6. Hi Demi,

    Thank you for nominating me! What I love the most about this time is the fall season. The holidays are fun but it’s definitely family that makes it important to me. Not so much the decorations and we have gotten away from celebrating holidays with gifts. We celebrate each other all year long.

    What I love the most about the fall season is how pretty the earth is. I love watching the cycle of life around us. From the leaves changing colors to the leaves falling. It is such a beautiful thing to watch. And it reminds me of just how special we are to have someone create all of this for us to enjoy. It really builds my faith in the creator of all things.

    xo Erica

    1. That sounds amazing!

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  8. Beautiful pictures! I love that gumball machine baby costume! So cute and colorful!
    Halloween is going to be different this year with the pandemic. I hope you find something enjoyable to do with your little brother. Maybe making Halloween cookies together?

  9. Hi! Thank you so much for nominating me, I’m so excited to do this Tag!
    My favorite part of fall is definitely all the pumpkin flavored foods! And I am like you, I don’t do much to celebrate except watch Halloween movies and eat candy corn! 😂

    1. You’re more than welcome!

  10. Such a fun post! Really enjoyed reading and learning more about you 🙂

    1. Thank you x

  11. I’ve loved reading your answers. I prefer Christmas to Halloween too.

  12. This is a fun post Demi! I’m not a horror movie fan either. My favorite Halloween movie is Hocus pocus. But I do think Halloween is my favorite holiday!

  13. what a great tag to get you in the spirit!

  14. I’ve never watched Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, but I definitely need to!

    Ella-Rose ~ http://www.wanderingterra.com

    1. It is so weird, yet so good!

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    1. Hey Lily I would love to talk.
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  17. Zematis says:

    Best view i have ever seen !

    1. Thank you!

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