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Day in the life of Demi (hospital edition) 🚑

Day in the life of Demi (hospital edition)

Do you want to know all about my time in hospital? Here is my timeline of the day and what had happened!….


At 7 in the morning, I woke up from my non existent sleep! 🛌😴

I tell you what, try sleeping with screaming babies and beeping monitors! I didn’t get much at all.

No Sleep in the hospital


At this time in the morning, the lights turn on and the nurses do their rounds to come and see you. They did my observations which were things like; temperature, blood pressure, heart rate etc. After this I was offered breakfast, however instead I had a cheeky brownie from Costa.

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I then just chilled on my phone, chatted to friends and family for a while. At this point I was super bored and wanted to go home already!


At 10, I had my obs again and I was doing ok! I then ordered my lunch ready for later and did some blogging.

Sitting in hospital and not being able to do much actually really helped me boost my website stats! I was able to do a lot more and promote my blog.


After blogging, I did some colouring and word searches the nurses gave to me. I also went on my phone and texted friends.


I then had my obs again, which were fine!

One in five Medicare patients returns to the hospital after 'observation  stays'


It’s Lunchtime! I had pepperoni pizza and chips. Then for pudding they gave me an ice cream.

I must say, the hospital food is actually so good!


After lunch I went back to my word searches and colouring again.


At this point in the day I was super bored! I decided to relax for a while and listen to music.

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At 1:30pm, I had counselling with No Limits to make sure I was ok and to check on my welfare! It went really well and the lady was super nice!


After No Limits, I then entertained myself by watching a bit of Dance Moms! You gotta love a bit of Abby Lee drama!

Watching dance moms in hospital


I then spent some time with the nurses talking about my future and what I want to do when I am older for a job. We were talking lots about voluntary work and helping others, as that’s what I would love to do.


At 4 I facetimed my brother Alfi when he got home from school. We played lots of funny games and put filters on which cheered me up a lot. I missed him so much, but as I am writing this, we are having big hugs!


It’s dinner time in the hospital! I had chicken dippers and chips. Then for desert I had jelly!


Next, I played games on my phone and just chilled as it went very quiet in the ward at this point.


I then had a laugh and a chat with the nurses again! There was this really friendly nurse who was showing me hilarious videos of her cat!

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The nurses then came over to do my observations, then they moved me to a different ward.

Nurses support their young: From competitors to mentors | Nursing Times


Guess what!?…. I was so brave and had a COVID TEST! – which came back negative thankfully!

I took the test very well, however my mum wouldn’t stop flinching! 😂


Following my Covid test, I then chilled on the bed and texted my friends.

Covid test in hospital


As I had cabin fever, I went outside for a stroll to get some fresh air!


9 o’clock, light’s out! After the lights went, I led in bed on my phone.


Then at around 11 ish I went to bed.

So here it is… My Day in the life of Demi (hospital edition!) I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak of my day!

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(16) Comments

  1. So happy to hear that you were negative for Covid!! Great article!

    1. Thank you Lisa!

  2. It sounds like you are doing well and getting food that you enjoy. Glad to hear you were negative for Covid too. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Brooke!

  3. Ah sorry to hear you had to stay in hospital! Hope everything is okay? I think I’d really struggle with boredom! Glad your COVID test was negative too!

  4. Its is nice that your COVID 19 test result was negative. Its nice you remained calm occupied and positive. Nice post

    1. Thank you x

  5. It’s such good news that you are reunited with your brother now, and that your covid test was negative. That hospitial pizza actually looked really good!

    1. I know so glad to be back with him, even though he’s a pain!

  6. What does obs stand for? Hospitals are boring, I’ve not had to spend a full day in one yet. How long will you be staying in the hospital for?

    1. It stands for observations and I’m out now!

  7. Reading this sounded like a normal hospital day when I’ve been an inpatient (minus the Covid test!) I’m glad that you’re test came back negative, that must have been a nervy time for you! x

    Lucy |

  8. I’m glad your day went well and you were able to speak with some family! Despite being in the hospital, I hope you felt relaxed xo!

  9. I’m glad you’re doing well, 9pm is so early for lights out! I’d probably end up spending all day on my phone too x

    1. I know right! I’m guessing it was because of it being a children’s ward! x

  10. Negative covid nice
    Lkd ur article

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