Blogging Mental health

How blogging helps my mental health!

How blogging helps my mental health

Blogging has been a massive part of my life for the past couple of months and it has really helped my mental health. Therefore, I decided to create a post and share with you guys how it helps me!

Blogging helps my mental health

How does blogging help my mental health?

Keeping busy!

Blogging really helps my mental health because I am able to distract myself and it is something to keep me busy. I find that keeping myself distracted is really good for my mental health!

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Connecting is really good for your mental health! Having friendships and relationships can benefit you massively! Therefore this is another reason as to why blogging helps my mental health. This is because, ever since I have started blogging, I have made so many more friends and connections which has made me feel really happy!

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I am more than happy to help others through dm’s and connect with any of you guys! You can dm me on

Helping Others!

I absolutely love to use my story to help others. Using my story not only helps others, but it helps me express myself and sometimes let it all out. It is also something I am considering job-wise as I love to take care of everyone.

Positive feedback!

Hearing feedback from my audience really helps with my mental health and self-esteem. I love hearing that I have helped someone, it makes my day!

How to Make Your Positive Feedback More Valuable - The Innovare Group

Blogging is just something I have a passion for and can do it all day every day! It always makes me happy and cheers me up! Let me know what you do to help your mental health in the comments!

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  1. I relate to this post so much! Blogging has def been great for my mental wellbeing during these tough times. I’m going through a lot of personal things atm so when I’m writing, it’s a healthy distraction. glad blogging has been that positive light for you as well. keep on writing great content!

    1. It definitely has helped and does help a lot. Glad to hear it’s good for you, and thanks for reading! Xx

  2. Fab post! I completely agree with you on all of these. I also like blogging to keep me busy and my mind distracted, there’s always something to do.

    Sophie x

    1. Exactly it definitely gives me a distraction and a purpose x

  3. Love this! I totally feel the same way as you, blogging has helped my mental health so much! I have met some amazing people being in the blogging community and it definitely does help to keep you busy especially when you do need that little distraction xx

    1. Me too I’ve met some lovely new friends! X

  4. Love this post! I can totally relate to these points as I love blogging as it’s something to do and these things make my day better!

    1. Me too, it always gives me a purpose!

  5. Can definitely relate to this – blogging helps me in a similar way. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Demi, It’s a great way to look at blogging positively. As somebody as young as you are who is spreading awareness, and in return making connections and helping others by sharing her story is a lovely way to blog. In these times of restrictions, I have made some new connections through blogging and feeling good about them. So, overall blogging has a positive effect on me.πŸ˜ƒ

    1. Thank you for reading and for your lovely comment x

  7. This is awesome and I can totally relate. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Yes! I am a firm believer that blogging has been a positive in my life in terms of my mental health. It gives me a sense of purpose during the times when I’m struggling, allows me to connect with others even when I’m not interested in leaving my own house and encourages me to embrace my creativity. That’s a total win!

    1. Exactly it gives me a purpose when I feel down and it’s just something I genuinely enjoy!

  9. So true! Blogging helps me to reduce my anxiety too. It makes us able to express ourselves and share our creativity with people.

    1. 100% I find that using my difficulties and turning them into tips, really helps my mental health. I just love to blog!

  10. I loved reading this Demi! I love that blogging has helped your mental health, I feel the same way too, blogging has helped my mental health so much over the years! x

    Lucy |

    1. So glad it helps you! X

  11. For me blogging tends to stress me a little because I’m always striving for perfection and optimization with my posts, but at times it feels liberating too, especially when I’m writing book reviews for books that I love. πŸ™‚ I’m so glad that blogging is so helpful for your mental health! That makes it extra special. I hope you keep making good connections through blogging. Here’s a hug!

    1. I do agree, when I am in a very bad state I take a break as it may cause some stress! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment c

  12. I love this! Telling your story is a great way to help both others and yourself. Distraction works too! I wish you luck on your helping and healing journey!

    1. Thank you Tiffany!

  13. I couldn’t agree with you more! I started my blog last November when I was unable to walk for a 4 month period and it really helped me mentally and emotionally. Little did I know that I was going to need to blog even more in 2020. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Awh so glad it helps you too!!

  14. Yes! I started blogging just over 11 years ago to help me navigate the stress of being apart from my husband as we navigated the visa process for me to move to America. Now my writing helps me through many other stresses and I find it helps me make sense of the things going on around me, etc. Thank you so much for sharing this β€” really great!

    1. That’s so great to hear!! X

  15. Blogging is so good for my mental health πŸ™‚ I think it’s the fact that I can meet so many like-minded people, and when my posts do well I definitely get a kick! I think as well during lockdown it’s been nice to forget my own world, and enter the world of blogging as a kind of escapism! Thanks for sharing these thoughts, I might have to do a similar post in the future x

    1. So glad to hear blogging helps your mental health too! Thanks for reading xx

  16. Blogging has saved me in so many ways and helped my mental health

    Love, Amie ❀
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. Glad to hear it has helped you Amie! Thanks for reading x

  17. This is such a positive and relatable post! I blog about mental health too and it’s been really good for me – especially in 2020! It’s great to have something positive to focus on every day 😊 Thanks for sharing this! x

    1. That’s great! Can’t wait to read some of your work. Glad to hear that it helps you. Thanks for reading xx

  18. This is awesome Demi, I am so glad that blogging has been helping your mental health! I started blogging during the first lockdown as a way to stay busy, and it has really helped give me some purpose! I have talked to quite a few other blogger since then that have similar stories to us!

    1. Yes me too I started around the same time x

  19. Blogging helps my mental health so much too!

  20. Totally agree with all of this. I love having a creative outlet, and even though there’s so much too it, I feel like I can switch off slightly with it.


  21. I love this because I can relate to it so much! Sometimes I wonder if having a blog is worth the cost and the time, and I have to remind myself why I started blogging in the first place. I had so many things I wanted to say filling up my head that I couldn’t focus on anything. I was so depressed and angry because I felt like I was never heard. Blogging let’s me be heard even if it’s only by 1 person. It’s given me the voice my community took away.

  22. Thank you for writing this post, Demi! Blogging becomes so addictive for me in the beginning so it affects my mental health. I took a few days off and back! I love being creative, creating useful content, connecting, etc. I thought it’s because I keep pushing myself until I feel so overwhelmed. Anyway, thank you for this positive insight x

    1. Yes, sometimes it’s good to take a break too< however it does really help me as well. Thanks for reading x

  23. You’re totally right! As I blog as a hobby, I find writing helps me take things off my mind and I love brainstorming ideas on what to write next, hoping my experience can help others! Great positive post! 😊


    1. Thank you for reading! Glad it helps you too x

  24. I connect with so much of what you say here! Writing helps me stay focused and it is wonderful to think sharing my experiences can often help others. Next to the writing, sharing is my next favorite aspect of blogging. πŸ™‚

    1. It definitely gives me a purpose and something to focus on! Thank you for reading! x

  25. This is great! I thought you were going to say blogging serves as a way to reflect, sort of like an online journal. Definitely can relate to all of the benefits of blogging you’ve listed, though. I’ve made so many online blogger friends! It also feels good when I get feedback that something I’ve written about catching-up retirement savings after a late start has inspired or helped someone else.

    1. Awh bless, thank you for reading! Sometimes blogging has negatives to it and can make my mental health worse, however, most of the time it is pretty good! πŸ™‚ x

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  27. I love this! I can relate as well. I’ve loved the blogging community so far. Everyone has been super supportive and welcoming! It’s been a fun few months xo

    1. Thank you Lynn x

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