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Welcome to Blogmas day No.3! Today’s post will be Christmas gifts for gamers! As my boyfriend and brother are both obsessed with gaming, I decided to do one which will also help me think of ideas. Hope this list is useful!

*This post may contain some items that could potentially earn me a small commission*

Where can you buy Christmas gifts for gamers?

I would recommend the gadget shop Men Kind! I always take my brother to the one in Southampton. He absolutely loves it there, it’s like his dream! Men Kind sells all sorts of amazing things such as; lights, machines, mugs, drones, etc.

Menkind - Great Gifts for Great People

Christmas gifts for gamers:

Gaming Leds/lights:

Having colorful/themed lights when gaming is super cool! For some reason, my boyfriend will leave his main light off and only have his LED’S on. Sitting in the dark? Sounds weird, but it makes it more fun!

Christmas gifts for gamers- pacman light

Pacman light for £25.00

Lights will be perfect for any age, depending on the model. I know my brother (8 years) would love this!

Click Here to view

Multi coloured strip led lights for £9.99


I would recommend putting around the tops of the room as it would look super cool, or behind the tv.

Click Here to view

Minecraft Steve Icon Desk Light

Minecraft Steve desk light for £12.00

I know my brother would absolutely love this one as he is a massive fan of Minecraft!

Click Here to view

Gaming Mugs/bottles:

Got to stay hydrated! My brother has millions of Minecraft bottles! They are super practical for school, or just to have around the house.

Having mugs will be a great gift as I don’t know about you, but I love hot chocolate in the winter!

Christmas gifts for gamers- playstation mug

PlayStation mug for £13.00

I would suggest this gift for a hot drink and games lover!

Click Here to view!

Minecraft Torch Water Bottle - Lifestyle

Minecraft torch bottle for £12.00

Recommended for kids and Minecraft lovers! Alfi has put this bottle on his Wishlist!

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Gaming Mug - East Sleep Game Repeat Personalised Gamer Cup

Personalised Gaming mug £11.99

Recommend for people who love gaming and tea/coffee. Also super cool as you can personalise it too!

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Gaming chairs/seats:

Christmas gifts for gamers-PlayStation Inflatable Chair

Inflatable PlayStation seat for £25.00

Super cool and fit for anyone!

Click Here to view

Argos Home Mid Back Faux Leather Office Gaming Chair

Leather gaming chair for £65.00

This seems really good quality chair and I know my brother would love it as it spins!

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Funko Figures:

Alfi is in love with these ‘pop head’ things. Not entirely sure why, but he loves collecting them! To be honest they are kind of cute!

Christmas gifts for gamers- Fornite pop head

Fortnite llama figure for £10.99

If you love collecting things or play Fortnite, you love this Fortnite llama figure. Alfi is constantly staring at it!

Click Here to view!

Funko 39051 POP Vinyl: Games: Fortnite: TomatoHead Collectible Figure, Multicolour

Fornite Tomato-head figure for £13.35

If your a Fortnite lover, this is a great gift for you!

Click Here to view!

Funko 20146 Pop Games Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic with Ring

Sonic Funko Figure for £18.87

Love sonic? This gift is for you!

Click here to view!


In order to play games, certain ones require headsets to communicate with others. Therefore a great Christmas gift for gamers would be is a headset!

Christmas gifts for gamers- headset

Black and Red gaming headset for £30.00

This is a super cool and smart headset for gamers!

Click Here to view!

DIZA100 Gaming headset for PS4, PS5, Surround Stereo 3.5mm Gaming Headphones with Mic and RGB Rainbow Light for PS4 Xbox O...

Headset with LED’s for £23.99

This gaming headset is super cool as it lights up on the sides!

Click Here to view!

GXT 310P Radius Gaming Headset - Pink - Grey Background

Pink headset for £20.00

Perfect for little ones and a lovely colour!

Click Here to view!


Batteries…. gamers just cant get enough of them! The amount of times my brothers asks for new one for his controller is unbelievable!

You can pretty much get them from anywhere!

Christmas gifts for gamers- batteries
Make sure you get the right ones!!!!!

You can get a 60 pack of batteries on amazon for £12.99!


In order to play on your games console, you need a controller!

Christmas gifts for gamers- Official Xbox One Wireless Controller

Blue Wireless Xbox controller for £54.99

I much prefer wireless as they are a lot more accessible however they do use up a lot of batteries if you play a lot.

Click Here to view!

Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 Controller - Black

Black PS4 Controller for £44.90

Simple and basic controller for a PlayStation. And again, it’s wireless which is a bonus!

Click Here to view!

You can also buy clear ones, other colors, ones with wires, and more! Did you know you can also get custom controllers? There are many websites that you can customize your controllers such as:

Controller/cable Holders:

Talking of controllers, some gamers may need/want a holder for it!

Christmas gifts for gamers- controller holder

Baby Yoda Controller Holder for £25.00

This is a super cute holder!

Click Here to view!

Cable Guy - Sonic the Hedgehog "Sonic"

Sonic cable holder for £19.99

This is another great cable holder and cheaper too!

Click Here to view!

Xbox One holder/charger for £16.95

Not only is this great for storing your controllers, it also charges them too!

Click Here to view!

Virtual Reality:


VR headset for £35.95

Perfect for either android or apple phones!

Click Here to view!

Oculus Quest 2 — Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset — 64 GB

VR headset for £299.00

Click Here to view!


Christmas gifts for gamers PlayStation Enamel Pin Badges

PlayStation pin badges for £4.00

These badges are super cute and recommended for PlayStation and gaming lovers!

Click Here to view!

Marvel Venom Groot Pop! Keychain

Groot Keyring for £7.00

Super cute keyring, recommended for Marvel lovers!

Click Here to view!

Colourful gamer keyring for £3.25

I am love with these keyrings from Etsy, as they’re super cute!

Click Here to view!

I hope this list gave you a bit of inspiration and ideas of what Christmas gifts to get gamers! Like I said before, I don’t own some products so they are just recommended by the look online!

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  1. These are such cute ideas for gamers! As I’m not a gamer myself, I don’t really understand the pull of it all, but these are brilliant ideas for those who love games- or need ideas for someone in their life who does 🙂 batteries are a lovely, practical idea x

    1. Thank you Eleanor! Batteries are such a good idea, you can never get enough of them!!

  2. You really have some great ideas listed here! I particularly love those Pacman lights!

    1. Me too!! I know my 8 year old brother with love them!

  3. The Funko figures are so adorable and always a hit!

    1. They are so good!

  4. Great suggestions! I love the Playstation mug! I may have to get one for my husband.

    1. It’s amazing right!

  5. Great post! These are great ideas for gamers and I will definitely be checking out some of these ideas! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Loved this Blogmas post! My bf loves those funko pops. I actually found him a couple ones for Christmas, one being one from the show Mandalorian.

  7. I love this! My boyfriend recently got that PlayStation mug but in gray instead of black. And we both love it, but I like to steal it once in a while. It makes the perfect gift! I love your gift guide, thank you for sharing this.

    Grislean |

    1. Thanks for reading! X

  8. These look like great ideas. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you! X

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