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Tips to make Christmas Shopping less stressful!

How to make Christmas Shopping less stressful.

Hey Everyone, welcome to Blogmas day no.4! Today’s post will be ‘Tips to make Christmas Shopping less stressful!’

Christmas Shopping can be very stressful, for whatever reason! I have created a blog post all about how do get rid of that stress and be organised during this manic time!

Christmas Shopping Tips for Busy Healthcare Professionals | Your World  Healthcare - Ireland

Get it done early!

To reduce your stress levels this Christmas, you should do your Christmas Shopping early! Doing your Christmas Shopping early is a lot better because if you leave it till the last minute, it can cause you to not find the things you need and create stress. Therefore I always recommend doing your Christmas Shopping early!

Another good reason for getting it done early is because it makes you feel better than you have achieved something, It makes you feel relieved that it’s one less thing off of your shoulder.

Why You Should Start Your Christmas Shopping Early! |  Blog

Plan your Christmas Shopping!

By planning I mean, writing a list for who you need to by for, ideas of what to get them, and even a budget for each person. If you have a list, it can help make things less difficult when shopping! You can also find templates on google if you search ‘Christmas gift lists.’

Freebie Printable Christmas Shopping List - Mom 4 Real

Online Christmas Shopping!

For me I prefer to do my Christmas shopping in real life, however for some this would be a lot easier! You are then able to search and find what you want, rather than shopping around the town. I love to shop on websites such as Pretty Little Thing, JD, Boohoo etc.

The Truth About Online Shopping -

Saving Up before!

A great way to reduce stress when Christmas Shopping is to save up before! This could be a couple of months in advance, or even a year! I think a great way to save up before is to put a certain percentage of your wages into a pot every month or week until Christmas.

If you want more money saving tips, check out my blog post How to save money πŸ’΅β€¦

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Always look out for bargains! I love it when you can get a special deal on something! Don’t forget there is also Black Friday and lots of other sales going on too! You can also sign up to voucher codes and find coupon cards in magazines, cereal boxes etc.

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Don’t overdo it!

Sometimes people get carried away and tire themselves out. Sometimes it’s good to take a break and have a rest!

You Did Your Best Today, Please Get Some Rest ~ .

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and found it useful! If you want to know about how to make Christmas as a whole less stressful, then check out: How to enjoy Christmas, instead of stressing!

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(20) Comments

  1. I try to get mine done early but it’s not always that easy – especially now that I work from home. I used to work on a busy highstreet with loads of cool shops so would pop out on my lunch break!
    I am almoooost done, I can’t wait to get wrapping!


    1. I love being able to go out on busy high streets and getting the Christmas shopping done!

  2. Really useful tips and I’ve actually done it early this year! Last year I may have left it all until 23rd December…. this year I’ve got everything!

    1. Haha well done you!

  3. Christmas shopping can be so stressful- that’s why I often opt for online shopping these days, and visits to actual shops are reserved for a fun Christmas outing, to put less pressure on the trip! Thanks for sharing these tips x

    1. Usually, I go shopping in the town anyway, despite it being stressful! Hope you have an amazing Christmas! xx

  4. Getting it done early so I can enjoy baking and only baking has been key for me this year!

    1. That’s great!

  5. This is a great post to try and reduce the stress associated with finding everyone on your list that perfect gift. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Jodie!

  6. I agree with all of these! I always do mine early because I’m the type of person who just feels super anxious when things are not “crossed off my list” and I like to spend the rest of December making crafts, listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies and stuffing my face with chocolates and baked goods xo

    1. That sounds great! X

  7. Thanks for the great tips! For me, planning ahead makes things so much easier.

    1. Definitely! Thanks for reading x

  8. Those are all great suggestions! I am wishing I had saved more now that we’re this close to Christmas. And I always make a list, but thank goodness, I don’t have as many to buy for this year.

    1. Awh that’s good! X

  9. Mindbeautysimplicity says:

    This is such a helpful post! I also love getting my shopping done as early as possible because who likes to shop in the freezing cold? Haha πŸ₯Ά

    1. Me too! And especially with having to queue outside due to covid!

  10. Shopping online is the way to go! Thanks for sharing! ❀️

    1. I know right! Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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