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My Christmas Wish list!

My Christmas wish list

It’s Blogmas day no.7! Today I decided to create a post on my Chrismas wish list. This can also be used as a gift guide for teenagers! *Please note that some links may result in me earning a small commission if you make a purchase*

Before I write this wish list, I would just like to put across that I don’t expect all of this, in fact, I don’t even expect anything for Christmas. They are just ideas for teens and what I like. At the end of the day, I just want me and my family to be happy. That’s number 1 thing on my wish list!

How many Christmas presents is too many? Let's overthink this together. -

My Christmas Wishlist!


My Christmas wish list- adidas shorts

Adidas 3 Stripes Shorts

I’ve wanted these for ages! Although it’s not the right weather at the moment, they will e great and super comfy for the summer! Click here to view!


White Nike Socks

I have had these before and they are super comfy, however, they got holes in so I’ve asked for some new ones! Click here to view!


Blanket Hoodie

I have wanted one of these for ages as they are so cute and look super comfortable! Click here to view!

My Christmas wish list- jeans

New Look High wasted ripped jeans

I already have a similar pair but I just love the quality of new-look jeans and can’t get enough of them! Click here to view!


My Christmas Wish list- mascara

Benefit Full Volume Mascara

I’ve used this mascara before and I am absolutely in love with it as it gives you amazing long lashes that stand out! Click here to view!


No.7 Matte foundation

Although I don’t wear it all the time anymore, I love this particular foundation for special occasions and really recommend it! Click here to view!


Revolution Brow Pomade

I always use this, so I run out very quickly! Click here to view!

My Christmas wish list- fake eyelashes

Fake Eyelashes

Most teens use false lashes and I’ve recently started to learn how to apply them so now I am obsessed! Click here to view!

Blogging bits:

My Christmas wish list- pens


I am always using pens and then loosing them, so I’ve got to stock up! Click here to view!


The Happy Planner

One of my blogging friends use these most years and they look super good! Click here to view!



Everyone loves sharpies, the best pens in the world! Click here to view!

My Christmas Wish list- notebook


Being a blogger, I can never get enough notepads! I plan a lot of secret things in there! Click here to view!

Enjoying reading my Christmas wish list so far? Stay tuned for more Blogmas posts throughout the whole of December!

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I hope this post has helped you get an understanding of what teens may want for Christmas, or just you wanted to read about my Christmas wish list! Let me know what’s on your Christmas wish list this year. Stay tuned for more Blogmas posts this December!

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(16) Comments

  1. These are some great ideas. I love the blanket hoodie. I definitely need one of those because I’m always cold.

    1. Thank you for reading!

  2. Some fab ideas! I love getting stationery for Christmas I just never use it fast enough!

    Tash – A Girl with a View

    1. SAME! I ask for it every year, except most of them are still in their packs lol!

  3. Some great ideas in your own wishlist here! I always wanted so much rubbish when I was a teen haha!

    1. haha bless you! Thanks for reading x

  4. Great choices, what a great idea putting your wishlist on your blog πŸ™‚ thank you for sharing x

    1. Thank you Eleanor! x

  5. That benefit mascara is amazing! one of my favorites. I also love that foundation as well. maybe i will repurchase it soon. haha I’ve seen that octopus mood plushy on tik tok. it’s so funny!

    1. I know, that mascara is amazing! I really want the octopus so badly lol!

  6. πŸ˜‚ I love Home alone, though it’s a shame I didn’t know that there is 3 and 4, I guess I have something for this Christmas. I loved Daddy’s Home and Halidate too

    1. Haha! Thanks for reading

  7. What a great list! The blanket hoodie is on everyone’s Christmas list this year and I’m loving the cozy vibe everyone’s putting out! xo

    1. They look lush!! X

      1. Lovely list!! Hope you get all of them!! πŸ₯°

        1. Thank you x

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