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Gifts for him ❤️

Gifts for him

Hey everyone, welcome to Blogmas day no.11! We are slowly getting there! Todays post is ‘Gifts for him!’ This is a gift guide on what to get your boyfriend/husband/partner etc.

Sometimes I struggle with buying gifts for my boyfriend the longer we are together, but I did my best to think of ideas! Hope it helps 🙂

*Please note that some items listed may help me earn a small commission if you purchase the product*

How to Wrap a Gift - Wrapping a Present Step by Step Instructions With  Pictures

Electronic Gifts for him:

Shower Speaker:

Gifts for him- shower speaker

A shower speaker is a really good item to get for a boy as it may make them shower more! haha only joking! However, it will make them enjoy it more for sure!

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Smart Watch:

Men love new gadgets, so this is a great gift for him!

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Self-stirring mug:

Gifts for him- self stirring mug

No offence to men, but they are super lazy sometimes so this is another great great which is rather funny too!

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Wireless Headphones:


Wireless headphones are super practical so this is a great present idea!

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Gifts for him-

Like I said before, most men love their gadgets and electronics. I feel everyone will love this amazing gift though, becuase I know I would haha!

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Electronic Massager:


This is a random one, but is still great too! Whenever I go to Menkind, I always sit in the massage chairs! You can get lots of different types of massagers such as full-body, neck, back, etc.

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Electronic Shaver:


This is another great present for boys that are not growing out their facial hair. I also feel electronic ones are so much better and a lot easier!

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Essential Gifts for him:

After Shave:


You want your man to smell nice right? Perfect! Why not buy him some aftershave!

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Like above, if you want your partner to smell good, get him deodorant!

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All boys need a wallet, especially if they are taking you on a date! Just joking haha!

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I think this is a great idea as you can help them look super cool and have a better fashion sense lol! I suggest tops and jumpers as they go down well!


Socks go down well at Christmas too! My boyfriend especially loves branded socks such as Nike and puma.

Nike Cotton Cushion Crew Sock - 3 Pack White, Grey & Black | END.

Sentimental gifts for him:

Photo of you both in a frame:

This always makes them smile. It went down really well with my boyfriend as I cant always be there, so he puts it up!


Personalised Photo keychain:

This is such a cute idea and hopefully they will love it!

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A book full of memories:


I have a massive scrap book full of photos and memories from me and my boyfriend. It even has things such as Cinema receipts in it too! Overtime, I add more and more things to it as I go along. I think they will really like it as it’s all the positives in his life.

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Personalised Magic mug:


Not only are these mugs super cute when personalised, they are also super cool too as they are literally magic!

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Other random gifts for him!

I hope these ideas helped or gave you inspiration! Let me know what you’re getting ‘him’ this Christmas in the comments!

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  1. Charity says:

    This is such a great gift guide. Shopping for men can be so hard at times! Thanks for sharing all these great ideas!

  2. Great ideas! It’s so hard buying for my boyfriend but always seem to find a variation of something on this list. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for reading!

  3. These are some great suggestions. I always find it difficult to buy for some of the men in my family. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Me too! Thanks for reading x

  4. Carol Barnes says:

    Great ideas xx

    1. Thanks Carol x

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