Outdoor Winter Activites ❄️

outdoor winter activities

Good morning everyone, and welcome to Blogmas day no.13! We are getting closer to Christmas! Today’s post is on outdoor winter activities!

*Please note that some outdoor winter activities may not be accessible because of Covid-19 restrictions*

Fun Family Winter Outdoor Activities | Būband

Despite the cold weather, there are still lots of very fun outdoor winter activities to do! Here is my list…

Outdoor winter activities list:

Build a snowman☃️

This is a super fun and traditional thing to do if you are living with snow!

Outdoor winter activities- building a snowman

Ice skating⛸️

Although I am rubbish at it, ice skating is a fun activity! It makes a great family day out and is a right laugh to see people falling over! I haven’t been many times and I would love to go again! We have a local one that comes every year, but unfortunately, because of Covid this probably won’t happen!

Ice Skating rink, Courchevel |


Sledding looks like lots of fun whatever age. Because I live where we barely get any snow, I have never been sledding!

outdoor Winter Activities- sledding


Again, I have never been skiing, but it looks like so much fun. However I do think it takes a lot of practice to master!

8 Ski Apps, Ready for Winter - The New York Times

Snow ball fight🌨️

If you are living ina snowy habitat, this is a great activity to do! When Southampton does get snow ( which is like once in a lifetime!) we do have lots of fun with snowball fights!

outdoor winter activities- snowball fight

Visit local lights/decorations💡

I love driving along local areas and seeing their beautiful lights and how they decorated their houses. In Southampton there is a particular road I love visiting every year, because they always decorate it so well!

40+ Magical Christmas Activities to Plan for Your Kids This Year |  Decorating with christmas lights, Outdoor christmas lights, Outside christmas  decorations

Visit Santa and his grotto🎅

This idea is a great activity for the little ones! We tend to go to the Santa’s grotto at the local garden centre!

outdoor winter activities- santa's grotto

Go Carolling🎤

I have never experienced carollers or have gone carolling, however some may enjoy doing this!

A Great Falls man is organizing a Christmas caroling event

Going for a winter walk🚶‍♀️

Going for a winter walk is a great thing to do! Sometimes we go for a family walk after Christmas dinner! This can also make a romantic winter outdoor activity too! Make sure you bring those gloves and hats!

Outdoor winter activities- winter walk

Frozen Suncatchers☀️

I really want to do frozen suncatchers this winter! They are a super cute idea and look really good!

If you want to learn how to make them, click here!


Go cut down a Christmas tree🎄

I find this is a really fun activity rather than just get a faux tree or collecting it!

outdoor winter activities- cutting a tree

Shovelling snow🌨️

This can be either fun or hard work, depending on the conditions.

A Squirrel shoveling his driveway - GIF on Imgur

Build an igloo🗻

I have never attempted to build an igloo but they look so cool and I really would love to have a go!

Building a Snow Igloo- outdoor winter activities

Have a scavenger hunt📜

This is a great and fun idea, especially for kids! You could get them to do it in a local park, in your garden, etc. This scavenger hunt can include you getting them to find particular things such as; leaves, a stick, a birds nest, etc. You could even do a scavenger hunt for their Christmas presents! We did this for Alfi’s birthday, and it worked out really well!

A Winter Scavenger Hunt — Deschutes Land Trust
Here’s an example

Winter photography📷

If you know me, you know I love photography and take it as a GCSE! Therefore I am definitely going to be taking advantage of the winter and going outside to find some photo opportunities!

Outdoor winter activities- winter photography

Snow Angels👼

This is a great thing to do in the snow, expect I don’t like getting all cold and snow in my hair!

How To Make a Perfect Snow Angel | Snow angels, Snow, Winter wonder

Roasting marshmallows on a bonfire🔥

I love roast marshmallows on a cold winters night!

How to roast marshmallows for 'maximum caramelization' (and ideas for  enjoying them outside of a s'more) | Fox News

German Market🛍️

I love going to the local German market in town! We visit it every year and it is so much fun! You can get so many amazing gifts from the market, and they have the best hot dogs ever!

Outdoor winter activities- The Market

I hope this has given you inspiration for outdoor winter activities, despite Covid! Let me know what you are getting up to, or other ideas you have!

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(12) Comments

  1. These are really great ideas Demi! I love spending as much time as I can outside – especially this winter and you’ve given me some great ideas. I think our restrictions are higher in my area in Canada right now. Nothing like Christmas markets open and we’ve been told not to visit anyone outside of our household until at least January 8 (yes no to family visits 😢).

    1. None of our Christmas markets or Santa events are open either, which is sad! 🙁 But bless, we aren’t as bad as you! x

  2. I love these ideas for winter outdoor activities Demi, I love going for winter walks at this time of year and admiring other people’s Christmas lights! x

    Lucy |

    1. Me too! Except when it’s freezing cold! X

  3. Wow angel looks beautiful, I love writing in the snow specially hiking in the snow..

    1. Thanks for reading! x

  4. Amazing ideas! We hardly ever get snow, but I’m hoping we can drive the kiddos around this year to see some gorgeous Christmas lights. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks for reading x

  5. These are great ideas! I’m hoping it snows this year because last year it didn’t. Also the frozen suncatchers look so pretty & fun to make!

  6. Awww I definitely miss winter outdoor activities now that I live in Hawaii. I haven’t had a white Christmas in probably 5 years. We used to love going to the Christmas tree lighting at a little german town in Washington, snowshoeing, and snow tubing at the local ski resort. Hot tubs are also pretty awesome in the winter!

    1. Wow that’s so cool though!

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