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The Winter Tag!

The Winter tag

Good Morning everyone and welcome to Blogmas day no.16! Today’s post is ‘The Winter Tag!’ I found this tag online and thought it would be super fun to do!

Snowing in the Winter

1. What is your favourite holiday tradition?

This has got to be a really tricky question as there are many Christmas traditions I take part in every year. This can be things such as advent calendars, decorating, Christmas movies, etc. However my favourite tradition that our family does is going to a pantomime before Christmas. Luckily this year we still managed to get in, despite the horrible COVID-19.

Pantomime 2019/20: The most expensive and Cheapest Pantos this season! |  Pocket Size Theatre

2. What is your favorite winter scent?

To be honest I don’t really have a favourite ‘winter scent’, I like all scents! However gingerbread or cinnamon sounds good.

Winter candle scents

3. What is your favourite winter go-to fashioned trend?

I would probably just say a nice warm hoodie and ripped jeans, to be honest. That is my go-to outfit a lot of the time anyway lol!

I do really want to try out some new styles though!

4. What is your all-time favourite holiday movie?

Oh my goodness! This is a SUPER tough question as I love lots of Christmas films! If I had to choose though, I would say the Elf movie. This movie has always been the family favorite as it makes us all laugh so much! I 100% recommend this movie!

Elf – My favourite Winter/Christmas film

5. What’s your all-time favourite holiday tune?

Like the question above, this is such a hard question as I love so many. I would probably have to say ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ though, as it’s such a classic. Everyone knows it!

All I Want for Christmas Is You - YouTube- fave winter/christmas song

6. Do you prefer to travel or stay at home during the holidays?

My dream has always been to visit Disney for Christmas, and one day I want to make that happen! However usually we stay at home then go visit family on Boxing day! Therefore I prefer to stay at home with my family, unless it’s going to Disney of course!

BREAKING: Walt Disney World Cancels Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and  Candlelight Processional for 2020, Announces Alternative Offerings - WDW  News Today

7. What’s your favourite winter activity?

To be honest I am not sure if I have a favourite, as I love to do loads. These are things such as building a snowman, decorating the tree, watching movies etc.

Olaf | Disney Frozen

8. Do you love or hate the snow?

Unfortunately, where I live, we don’t usually get snow! But when we do, we love it! (except for when we cant drive anywhere!)

Where in the UK is it snowing – is there snow in London? | Metro News

9. What is one item on your wishlist this year?

This is going to sound rather cringe but, the one thing on my list is to be happy! I don’t expect any presents, I just want my family, friends and I to be happy this Christmas!

How to Be Happy: 63 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Happier

10. What is your favorite holiday treat?

Of course the chocolate! I love chocolate!

General Selection 2019: UK's favourite Christmas Chocolate Box revealed

I hope you enjoyed reading all about my Christmas and winter opinions! Let me know what your favorite holiday treat is in the comments!

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  1. I love Elf I can’t wait to watch it every Christmas! And chocolate of course! For song I would say 12 days of Christmas by Straight no Chaser. I love it.

    1. Great choices! x

  2. What a fun post! I love a good tag, they’re so fun. Cinnamon candles are a must at this time of year, they smell incredible xx

    Hannah |

    1. I love doing tags every once in a while! Thanks for reading x

  3. Great answers! I love Elf too! It always makes me laugh out loud.

    1. Thank you! x

  4. aww I love this!

    I think being happy is on everyone’s list this year! ☺️ X

    Love Lozza x

    1. Definitely after the year we have had! X

  5. This is a lovely post. A winter tag is such a festive post. I am really looking forward to having festive fun days and evenings with my family and loved ones. Thank you for sharing your post.

    1. Thank you! X

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