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Gifts for pets!

Gifts for pets!

Morning you amazing people, it is Blogmas day number 19! Today’s post is Gifts for pets! This is a gift guide on what to get your furry friends for Christmas! Hope you enjoy reading!….

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Gifts for pets!

Name tags:

Name tags are so important for pets that could potentially get lost or go out such as Cats and Dogs! Adding their name and your phone number can be really handy. Here a few name tags which I love the look of:


Personalised engraved pet tag!


Click here to view!


Personalised engraved pet tag!


Click here to view!


I don’t know about your furry friends, but the ones I have had love snuggling up in a warm fluffy blanket (especially in the winter!)


Personalised Pet blanket!


Click here to view!


Soft blanket with pawprints!


Click here to view!

Pet lead holder:

This is a great idea for the little pups that need a walk and a great idea to store the lead when they aren’t being used.


‘Walkies’ lead holder!


Click here to view!


Personalised lead hanger!


Click here to view!


All pets need feeding and to stay hydrated, but we must have something for them to consume this!


2 in 1 food station. (water+food)


Click here to view!


Non-spill design bowls


Click here to view!


All pets love treats!


Pack of 8 Pedigree dog treats


Click here to view!


Dreamies cat treats (2 tubs of 350g)


Click here to view!


Although most pets are fluffy and may look warm, they can still get very cold. Therefore they will love warm coats and clothing, especially in the cold winter!


Waterproof dog coat


Click here to view!


Fleece for cats and dogs


Click here to view!


A collar is a great gift to identify dogs, be able to find them or even if their old one is getting tatty!


Led Dog collar


Click here to view!


Leather Cat collar with engraved tag


Click here to view!


Toys are really important when it comes to pets, because they need to be entertained!


Dog chew toys (10 pcs)


Click here to view!


Cat toys (21 pcs)


Click here to view!



Soft pet bed


Click here to view!


Pet tent bed


Click here to view!

Toy storage:


Dog toy storage box


Click here to view!


Cat toy storage basket


Click here to view!

So there we have it, gifts for pets! Hope you enjoyed reading this post and finding some amazing presents to give to your furry friends. Let me know in the comments what pets you have and if you got them a gift this Christmas.

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(9) Comments

  1. So sweet and useful pet gifts!

  2. These are some great ideas. I always buy my dog a couple of toys and treats for Christmas. I wrap them in newspaper so she has fun opening them too.

    1. Thanks Kelly! X

  3. i’m getting my friends dog one of those blankies!

    1. They look great!! X

  4. Some fab ideas here! I don’t own a pet but my boyfriend does and I love buying his dog a little something!

    Amber | The Unpredicted Page

    1. Thanks Amber! X

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