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The negatives of Christmas

The negatives of Christmas

Hey everyone it’s Blogmas day number 21 today! Today’s post is on the negatives of Christmas. Usually I don’t talk about the negatives however I though I may bring them up and help fix those negatives.

The negatives of Christmas

The negatives of Christmas!

Most people associate Christmas with being positive, lots of fun and all is ok, however, it isn’t. There are many negatives of Christmas. This can be things such as;


When it comes to Christmas, you can get stresses such as; buying gifts, being busy, gatherings etc. I find that buying gifts for people really stresses me out as I don’t know who to buy for and what to get them.

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Another negative to Christmas can be the expenses of it! During the festive season, everything is overpriced and expensive! Spending money on the many things for Christmas, can put people in massive amounts of debt! Some of these things could be:

  • Christmas gifts
  • Food and groceries
  • Christmas decorations and lights
  • Wrapping gifts
  • Movies
  • Advent Calendars
  • Festive events

In order to prevent money struggles, check out this post on saving money tips! How to save money πŸ’΅β€¦

The negatives of Christmas- money


Christmas can be really bad for the environment because of the things it involves and what we use! These are things such as;

  • fake trees (made out of plastic)
  • wrapping paper (isn’t recyclable)
  • Food (all the waste)

To prevent this we can:

  • Buy real trees
  • Think of different ways to present gifts or use less of it!
  • Freeze left overs or cook less.

What are other ways to help the environment during Christmas?

  • Buying sustainable decorations
  • Change to rechargeable batteries
  • Buying environmentally- friendly cards and gifts

Family Gatherings:

I love seeing my family however, some people find gatherings with their loved ones very awkward and don’t like attending them. To be honest with you, I’m not sure if I have a solution to this other than don’t go lol!

The negatives of Christmas- family gatherings


Usually this wouldn’t be a negative, but this year Covid has ruined Christmas for all of us! It has affected us for the whole year, but I feel that it’ll affect us most at Christmas. This is because we wont be able to attend events, see our family, shop as normal etc.

There isn’t much we can do about covid-19 until the vaccine comes out however, we can find ways to make it a little bit better!

These are things such as;

  • Doing it virtually
  • Shopping online
  • Wearing PPE
  • Dropping off presents at a distance

And lots more!

Swerve socially-distant Santa, focus on joy' β€” PR pros on Christmas 2020 |  Advertising | Campaign Asia


Despite how pretty Christmas lights can be, it can bring up the electric bill massively! In our house we only have one set of Christmas lights and a light up Santa for the window. We also have a blow up/inflatable snowman which needs plugging in too!

Snowman ;)
Here is my snowman! πŸ™‚


Now this one can be both positive and negative. I usually love the snow however it can sometimes be a negative as it can be very dangerous and very slippery. It can cause lots of problems too such as not being able to attend work/school.

KFC, McDonalds and M&S staff forced to risk dangerous snow travel | | HR  Grapevine


Shopping can be so manic during Christmas time and can be very stressful. It can be so overwhelming when there are lots of people running around. Also parking is the worst at Christmas! This is a massive negative for me as it’s so annoying when you want to find a space!

If you want help with making Christmas shopping less stressful, then check out Tips to make Christmas Shopping less stressful!

To prevent the parking situation, I would say either go at a less busier time, or maybe park down the road from the shops, rather than the main parking.

Meet and Greet Terminal 2 | Manchester Airport | I Love

Being alone:

I’d say this is a massive negative for anyone. Being alone at Christmas is a really hard thing to do but unfortunately, due to Covid, I reckon that a lot of people may be alone this Christmas. To prevent this from happening I would suggest including those people ( in a safe way) or just giving them a call to check up on them and maybe send them a little something!

How to Cope With Loneliness at Christmas

I hope you enjoyed reading this post about the negative of Christmas. Usually I wouldn’t focus on the negatives, however, I thought I would do something different and help you with preventing them or making them better!

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  1. I think stress is the biggest factor for me. I have to say this year, with Covid ruining all plans, I have actually been LESS stressed because I haven’t had to try and fit in so many things, work nights out, family get togethers and all the wrapping, card writing, decorating etc

    It’s definitely going to be a very odd Christmas for us all x

    1. That’s good to hear you have been less stressed! You’re right, it’ll definitely be an odd one this year x

  2. I cannot believe that I wont be seeing members of my family this Christmas!

    1. I know πŸ™ x

  3. I certainly agree there’s so much anticipation and pressure on Christmas to be an incredible day, it can end up being kinda stressful

    1. Isn’t it just?!

  4. Money is always a BIG one for me! I’m always worried about not having enough to eat, treats, gifts etc. I am that person that goes all out and honestly, for every event and holiday! This year is quite nice and I really like having a quiet Christmas but I know how that could be very lonely for others. I hope everyone can have a cozy Christmas anyways this year! xo

    1. Definitely! Thanks for reading x

  5. There can be so many negatives to the festive season, and I like that you’ve highlighted stress and anxiety here. Loneliness is also an issue many people are struggling with this year, and I think this post really shows a balanced view of the Christmas season.

    1. Thanks for reading x

  6. The biggest negative of Christmas for me is definitely the money. Everything is so damn expensive!

    All the best, Michelle (

    1. Yes definitely!!

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