My new year’s resolutions!

My new year's resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! It’s time to shake off the crap year of 2020 and start fresh! To start off 2021 in a good way, I decided to create a blog post on positive new year’s resolutions! Hope you enjoy reading and let me know in the comments what your resolutions and goals are!

Also I just want to say a massive thank you for all your support and for joining me through my Blogmas experience, which I hoped you enjoyed reading!

Happy New Year!

My new year’s resolutions:

Building up my DA score!

If you don’t know what a DA score is, it stands for Domain Authority! This means that it is a number which is allocated to your website, predicting how your website is likely to rank. I would really like to increase this to get a higher spot when searched!

My New year's resolutions- build my DA

Battle through my mental health!

Throughout the whole of 2020, I really struggled with my mental health and suffered through lots of tough times! Therefore I would really like to take the opportunity to have a fresh start and have a more positive mindset.

If you would like to do the same and suffer from depression, check out this post: How to fight depression πŸ’ͺ

My new year's resolutions- beat my depression

Increase my views on my blog and on social medias!

As I am still a newbie to blogging and still trying to grow, I would really like to increase my views and follows on my blog and on my social media platforms. The only way I could do this is with your help so please if you can check out some of my posts, visit everyone in a while and follow me if you can. I appreciate all the support and love you all! <3 x

CLICK HERE to find all the links to my socials! xx

Attempt my GCSE’s!

This year is my final in secondary school and I will be taking my GCSE’s! Unfortunately, due to my mental health, I have had a lot of time off of school. This has resulted in me falling behind massively. Therefore, I put to attempt my GCSE’s as one of my new year’s resolutions because I am going to try and do the best that I can, despite missing out on a lot!

Graduation Dates 2021 - Raleigh County Board of Education

Start a small business!

As 2020 was a very tough year for me, and I struggled a lot with my mental health, I came up with a great plan to help others as I know how hard it is! My small business is going to be me creating boxes for people who suffer from mental health. It will contain sensory toys, self-care products, lots of useful info/services and more!

Other people will be welcome to purchase a package, however, if they do not suffer from mental health, I will just make them a self-care package. I would ask my customers questions to help me base the box around them!

I have stocked up on lots of products and will start in 2021! Also, I have received lots of donations and enquiries, which I am so grateful for! If you would like to donate, CLICK HERE!

You can check out my new Instagram account for my business!

Grow my self-esteem and confidence!

Being in lockdown has made me put on a lot of weight and also made my mental health a lot worse! Therefore, this has affected my confidence ad self-esteem massively. In 2021, I would like that to change and get my confidence back up again and start to love myself more!

10 Ways To Raise Your Beauty Self-Esteem - Verbal Gold Blog

Post a singing video on Instagram!

Following the goal above about self-esteem, I really want to post a singing video on Instagram! However, like I said my confidence is rather low. Therefore in the new year, I am going to try really hard to push my self to post a singing video on my Instagram. So keep an eye out!

My new year's resolutions- singing video

Get some paid opportunities!

Now I have been blogging for a little while now, this year I would really like to be able to get some paid opportunities! I have many affiliates which I can get a small commission for, however I would really like more! If you could recommend any, please let me know!

Eat healthy and exercise!

I think this one is always on everyone’s new year’s resolutions, and it’s always on mine! I have already started this, but I would like it to keep going!

New year's resolutions- healthy diet and exercise

Start a mailing list!

I have already made a mailing list which you can subscribe to! However I would really like to start sending emails out and learn more on mail chimp!

Here is where you can subscribe to get positive emails from me and lots of updates too! This sign up sheet can be found on the right side of my blog home page! This is free!

Happy New Year from The Orcadian! - The Orcadian Online

So those were some of my new year’s resolutions! I hope you enjoyed reading them. Let me know in the comments below what your goals are for the new year!

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  1. Jodie | That Happy Reader says:

    Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing your goals for 2021! I wish you lots of success in achieving them.

    1. Thank you Jodie, you too!

  2. This is such a great list! Hopefully you achieve some of them in 2021.. and I can’t wait to hear you sing, bet you sound amazing!

    Katie |

    1. Awh thank you so much Katie! x

  3. These are all great resolutions – and the part about how you are creating those boxes for people whose mental health has been affected is so so sweet, i might have to get myself one when you launch! Good luck with your GCSEs as well – I am sure you’ll do great xx

    1. Thank you Simona! Hope you have a fantastic year! x

  4. Graham Crosby says:

    Good post. Some great, varied resolutions here. With you on the fitness one!

  5. You learn something new everyday, I’ll have to look more into this DA score. How interesting!
    Great post! love learning more about you and hearing your goals for this year.

  6. Best wishes- I am new too and share a lot of these goals πŸ™‚ Posted my affiliate idea on the tweet I linked here from!

  7. These are great goals! Especially your business idea. I think it’s amazing and can’t wait to hear more about it. I wish you all the success for the for the new year!

    1. Thank you Tiffany! Cx

  8. Happy New Year! I’m so with you on DA authority. I want to build mine up too. Good luck with your resolutions this year ✨

  9. I am not really a new year resolution person lol.. I prefer setting goals for the new year and I have a lot of goals for this year. We have similar goals lol.. Just like you, this year I want to battle through my mental health. 2020 had a really negative effect on my mental health and I want to put my pieces back together. Also, I want to grow my self esteem and confidence. 2020 had me falling back in self esteem and confidence. Before 2020, I used to be really confident and I used to hold myself in high esteem but 2020 ruined things and I hope to get my self esteem and confidence back in this new year. I have been blogging for a little over 1 month and I want to get my first paycheck this year too. About the affiliate thing.. Have you considered joining the amazon affiliates program and the share a sale affiliate program? If you haven’t joined the aforementioned affiliate programs, make sure to join. This is a great post Demi. I want you to know that every one has issues. Mental issues are a part of life and everyone has bad times. I know you are strong enough to overcome your mental issues Demi! Stay strong x!
    Ruth| Ruthiee loves Glamour

    1. That is so lovely to hear Ruth, I’m so proud of you! Hope 2021 brings you great things and you do ok!

  10. This is such a brilliant list, I hope you’re able to achieve everything! My main goals are to get my books published, go back to travelling (if the world allows) and save as much as I can xx

    1. Thank you Della! Those are some amazing goals which I hope you are able to achieve x

  11. This is such a brilliant list, I hope you’re able to achieve everything! My main goals are to get my books published, go back to travelling (if the world allows) and save as much money as I can xx

  12. Wishing you the best of luck with this year and your exams – my mental health has also suffered this year, so you are not alone. I think you’ve got some great goals here, they sound super proactive!

    1. I think in 2020, everyone’s went downhill Even a little bit! Thank you and I hope 2021 brings you great things! Cx

  13. Best of luck with your new business – how exciting!

    1. Thank you Lisa!

  14. What a wonderful post! I love it πŸ’ From someone who struggled with mental health issues throughout high school – I can tell you that there is always light at th end of the tunnel and things definitely won’t feel dark forever ❀️ I wish I had started blogging at your age but so glad to have finally started, good luck with your year 🀞

    1. Thank you so much Zoe! Really means a lot x

  15. These are great goals! I’m still trying to understand SEOs and DAs though with the very basic WordPress, I’m not sure it comes with many plugins. I hope to raise my views too! Good luck on your GCSEs!!

    1. Thank you! Hope it all goes well for you!

  16. These are so great goals! I’m yet to learn more about SEO and DA so those are definitely my goals for this year, right now i’m just focused on building my audience! Hope it all goes well for you Demi ! xx

    1. Yes definitely and thank you! X

  17. These sound like really good and all round New Years resolutions. Also it’s amazing that you’re already setting goals like this at such a young age! When I was your age I remember being totally focused around GCSEs and A-levels to get to uni, but I don’t remember having set such focused goals in other areas of my life which are equally as important. Good luck! X

    1. Thank you x

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